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Xbox One Sale Roundup: March 21st, 2017

  • Drethe1stDrethe1st400,140
    Posted on 22 March 17 at 00:20
    It's back for 20€ at the german Store. Buyed it 5min ago!!! Best offer ever!! Thx MS!!!
  • Priit3Priit31,420,363
    Posted on 22 March 17 at 00:46
    Deal of the year laugh
  • mkdfanmkdfan874,146
    Posted on 22 March 17 at 01:37
    Wish I didn't already own all those resi games, that's a great deal!
    The fallout 4 season pass will on sale one of these day, surely!
  • PointySpredPointySpred357,008
    Posted on 22 March 17 at 02:07
    Not even a big RE fan, but $20 is ridiculous for that amount of content. Just picked it up a few min ago
    The difference between me and you? You don't think there's a difference between me and you.
  • NightVisionNightVision513,662
    Posted on 22 March 17 at 03:13
    $20.80 for RE Super bundle, just picked it up.... major deal!
    Love what you do, do what you love. When in doubt, frag them out!
  • WillB636WillB636340,828
    Posted on 22 March 17 at 03:16
    I went to see the price & all. I wasn't sure what was going on, had to come here & find out for certain. Thanks for this site & all that you do here. You made verifying this very easy. I now have all the content and at more than a very reasonable price.
    Killin' grubs is my business and business is good.
  • Posted on 22 March 17 at 03:29
    Just picked up the Resident Evil Super Bundle for £16.

    Thank you guys for letting me know it was back on there at that price.
  • moldeatermoldeater200,473
    Posted on 22 March 17 at 05:00
    Picked up that RE bundle, i haven't played most of them so it'll be new to me!
  • JalutajaJalutaja972,786
    Posted on 22 March 17 at 05:56
    Wtf. Bundle 39.99£ again.
  • Posted on 22 March 17 at 06:28
    god damnit i missed it again really?
  • Terrene FireTerrene Fire312,671
    Posted on 22 March 17 at 06:32
    Well that is just annoying- missing it once ill accept, but it dropping temporarily for a second time- what on earth is going on at Microsoft lol
  • Posted on 22 March 17 at 06:35
    messing with us clearly
  • Tatl360Tatl360381,114
    Posted on 22 March 17 at 06:56
    What a mess. I've seen the price down in the dashboard and now it's up on the website.
    Should have bought for silliness fun but I prefer the disc versions anyway.

    foreverzerov2 said:
    messing with us clearly
    I guess someone compared to the 360 versions prices and messed the bundle price.
  • MattQuin89MattQuin89610,335
    Posted on 22 March 17 at 08:05
    Yep, missed the RE bundle again... haha.
  • EnterTheFrayEnterTheFray467,896
    Posted on 22 March 17 at 08:41
    Apart from Beyond Eyes are there any other quick 1000's?
  • Unmet PlayerUnmet Player1,348,994
    Posted on 22 March 17 at 09:06
    EnterTheFray said:
    Apart from Beyond Eyes are there any other quick 1000's?
    Little acre, the bunker, coffin dodgers and in between.
  • IsnogoudsIsnogouds511,954
    Posted on 22 March 17 at 09:30
    Arf... missed again.. i will a mail to microsoft when re bundle down again... roll
  • Nosi90Nosi90100,148
    Posted on 22 March 17 at 09:54
    Can't believe I missed this again, I was so close the first time. I guess third time is lucky!
  • Stevo6483Stevo6483297,174
    Posted on 22 March 17 at 11:06
    KenH2k4 said:
    BLAZE VII said:
    Stevo6483 said:
    BLAZE VII said:
    Great list but is there any way to see the actual GOLD MEMBER prices without logging in on or turning on my Xbox One?
    Pretty sure the gold prices are already on this page. No need to log into Xbox, etc ...
    Not really if you click it says SILVER SALE, that's why I asked... roll
    That means it's that price for Silver members too. The prices listed here are for Gold
    Must have missed this...

    Full Xbox Store Integration Including Price Tracking and Alerts

    Has the info you need in regards to the new features added to sales posts, etc
    Stoke me a clipper, I'll be back for Christmas... Whatever!
    Posted on 22 March 17 at 12:56
    Watty8883 said:
    Tomjeh said:
    It's weird to see everyone get so excited over the price error of the resi evil collection for $20. When you think about it this bundle contains 7 old games (one of which is a remake (of a remake) of a 20 year old game), so is $20 really a steal at this price?
    When you get an abundance of $20 ID xbox games that look like they were programmed in a bedroom, yes it is.
    I was programmed in a bedroom.
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