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Server Shutdown Date

  • Posted on 22 March 17 at 20:57Permalink
    As we all know 2K are famous for shutting down their servers for Sports related games no matter how popular they become whether there's only one person playing the game or thousands. With this in mind it looks as though they are not giving an extension to any of their WWE 2K games alongside the NBA 2K games that have had extended server activity.

    I know this is very early to post, but once again I will place down the information to pre-warn you that the day will approach to us and to also give you all enough time to get your multiplayer achievements done. The XBox One Version will take more time to get the multiplayer achievements done on compared to the XBox 360 Version, which is the shortest.

    The date for the server shutdown for WWE 2K17 is Thursday May 31st 2018.

    Once again the information is revealed in the Instruction Book of the XBox 360 & the XBox One version of the game.

    Thank You & Good Luck!
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    Just bumping this to remind anyone lurking this part of the forum or the games page that the server shutdown date is fast approaching.

    WWE 2K17Golden BoyThe Golden Boy achievement in WWE 2K17 worth 391 pointsWWE Online - Earn a Gold medal. (WWE Live, 2K Tonight)

    Having a quick look over both solutions, it will take somewhere close to 450 matches to unlock the medal achievements.

    Good luck, happy boosting.
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