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Microsoft Introduces the Xbox Wireless Controller Tech Series

Posted on 26 March 17 at 02:24
sanityends said:
Elyoh said:
What's the difference between a wired controller, and a wired wireless controller?
Input Lag
Except when the wireless controllers are wired up, they pass the information through the wire.
No God, know fear. Know God, no fear.
Posted on 26 March 17 at 04:18
From what I have been told, using a usb cable to make a wireless controller wired offers the exact same experience as a permanently wired one. No idea why people are fomplaining about needing an official wired controller.

And I still think the complaints about the elite are bananas.
Posted on 26 March 17 at 04:40
Seems we have more controllers available than Xbox exclusive titles. Sad trend.
Posted on 27 March 17 at 01:19
Lost Legends said:
How about a damn wired controller. Come on MS 3 1/2 years and still no wired controllers .
I have a 12 ft usb cord that I just use as a wire. It works great.
Posted on 29 March 17 at 15:43
Mal0d0rouS said:
Seems we have more controllers available than Xbox exclusive titles. Sad trend.
One of the best responses in the thread. laugh

OT: It's funny that people think a proper wired controller is a ridiculous idea when there is absolutely no reason there shouldn't be one. I preferred this on 360 because the play n' charge kits were trash. Had the same experience on XB1. Had to idle for UMVC3 recently and used the micro usb from my PS4 only to find it was pretty loose. Surprised it even worked, truth be told. I'd rather see a proper wired controller where I don't have to worry about that.
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