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ID@Xbox Releases: Week Beginning March 27th, 2017

  • punkyliarpunkyliar216,843
  • Posted on 27 March 17 at 21:19
    Anyone who enjoys point & click games with easy achievements, should absolutely pick up The Inner World! It is a really awesome game for the genre, I'm very happy it came to Xbox One!
  • zoidberg1339zoidberg1339493,391
    Posted on 27 March 17 at 21:32
    THIMBLEWEED PARK smile clap

    Would like to try Snake Pass and Anorexemia as well.

    Good to see the blurnsball fans got a game, seems like there aren't many these days
  • coipcoip241,775
    Posted on 27 March 17 at 22:05
    rockAir Guitar Warrior
  • FigbenderFigbender731,786
    Posted on 28 March 17 at 00:43
    In lieu of no real baseball sims pn xb1, im actually looking forward to rbi 17!
  • Posted on 28 March 17 at 01:43
    I still feel like RBI is a sad excuse for a baseball game, but it seems to remain the most realistic we're going to get on the X1. Maybe one day...
    When will then be now? Soon.
  • Posted on 28 March 17 at 03:28
    I'm a bit of a sucker for platformers, so Four Sided Fantasy is looking good. The real interesting one is Snake Pass, the puzzles probably won't be too difficult, but learning the controls and putting that knowledge towards a speed run has my interest piqued.
  • HmBhHmBh157,954
    Posted on 28 March 17 at 04:07
    10 more poop games to add to the failure of a game library that the Xbox One has to offer. I'm glad I also have a Playstation 4 or I'd be bored quite often.
  • SchinderdivSchinderdiv685,722
    Posted on 28 March 17 at 08:27
    Snake Pass seems interesting... Another "wait for the sale" as usual, but I'll almost inevitably pick it up at some point.
    'Member? WickedDeath : "That used car salesman Larry herb will be saying what an amazing deal it is..."
  • Legohead 1977Legohead 19771,550,507
    Posted on 28 March 17 at 08:33
    Snake Pass, 4 Sided Fantasy and Inner World...for the right price of course. Maybe Has Been Heroes as well.
    Legohead 1977
  • Posted on 28 March 17 at 08:40
    Snake pass and Punch club look good and I'll be very interested in picking those up, but Thimbleweed park is one of my most anticipated games of the year so that is an absolute definite. We just want to know how much we'll be paying! Lol.
  • PyrdyPyrdy89,085
    Posted on 30 March 17 at 16:39, Edited on 30 March 17 at 16:39 by Pyrdy
    Air Guitar Warrior seems nice game. I have played it for over one hour and wanna rock some more.
    Rock on.
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