Game Discussion: WWE 2K17

Free to Play days?

  • Nighthawk814Nighthawk814269,418
    Posted on 28 March 17 at 02:26Permalink
    Are there free play days going on? I haven't heard anything about it, yet this game just showed up in my "Ready to install" list.
  • Posted on 28 March 17 at 02:32Permalink
    This happens all the time. Yes. The games are usually available to DL before the event is announced anywhere.
  • VGM 007VGM 007523,523
    Posted on 28 March 17 at 09:36Permalink
    Yeah it's popped up in my install list & was wondering what was going on. The thing that's odd to me is every free play events I've seen usually run on a weekend, with the title going to install late Thursday and having a cut off somewhere late Sunday or early Monday morning. Borderlands collection, Battlefield 1, Overwatch were all done that way.
  • VindRaiderVindRaider59,911
    Posted on 28 March 17 at 09:51Permalink
    Do you need Xbox Live Gold to get this?
  • Posted on 09 March 18 at 15:40Permalink
    i need to knock out Team Up and 2K Tonight. Please send me a message if you would like to boost those two.
  • Posted on 09 March 18 at 17:03Permalink
    This isn't a boosting thread...
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