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2k17 Online Play Help

Posted on 31 March 17 at 04:05
Guys I need some direction on playing 2k online. When I play my defense gets destroyed with the AI allowing open shots galore no matter what settings I try. But everyone I play against has lock down defense and I do good to get an open shot. So my question is how can I shutdown people online even if they are using the pick and roll cheese. And how can I get my offense AI moving to get open shots? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Posted on 17 April 17 at 15:01
If you run plays, the AI on your team will move around to follow the path that the play has set for them.

On the terms of defense, a lot of people play offball defense, where they just play defense as the center in the paint and don't need to worry about messing up on defense. For pick and roll defense, I usually switch to the roller and sag off so it forces the center to shoot either a mid-range shot or something else. You can always switch to one of the wings yourself and bring them into the paint, but that risks a 3. It all depends on what the opponent's team is.
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