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Information Posted on 02 April 17 at 23:28
Please use this thread to discuss this game's classification under the multi-genre system.

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Information Posted on 21 September 17 at 23:25
Vitiated1 has registered their disagreement about the genres applied to this game
Going to suggest that Platformer be added to this, since the campaign mode contains numerous obstacles that must be navigated through the use of wallrunning, jumping, and (to a very small degree) physics puzzles. Here are some clips from the campaign mode that I'm using to support this claim, but keep in mind a lot of this game does contain sections that consist entirely of jumping over obstacles from point to point.
Posted on 22 September 17 at 04:00, Edited on 22 September 17 at 04:01 by Allgorhythm
Note the TA Platformer definition with my emphasis:

Platformers feature obstacle course like levels in which the player must navigate from the start to the end, with physics-enabled traversal between platforms or over obstacles. Platformers require the environment itself to be a primary antagonist. Accuracy-based jumping challenges and endless runners are two common examples of Platformer. In all cases, correct timing is necessary (either to avoid death or serious set-back) to advance.
Quite a few FPSs, Action-Adventure games, RPGs, etc. incorporate sequences where the protagonist must navigate tricky terrain. An action-adventure game like Assassin's Creed or an RPG like Deus Ex: Mankind Divided have more obstacle navigation, including precision jumping, than Titanfall 2. Neither one is classified as a platformer and, IMHO, correctly so. The platform-like sequences are not start to finish nor is the environment the primary antagonist. For this reason, also, I do not think that Titanfall 2 should be classified as a platformer.
Posted on 22 September 17 at 16:00, Edited on 22 September 17 at 16:01 by Zonrith1
Agree with Alg. The game (from the clips provided) clearly incentivizes platforming techniques at times, but with our definition mandating the environment function as an enemy coupled with the platforming to be very extensive in application... I'm just not seeing enough of it to warrant applying the tag. It's there, just not there enough in my opinion. More occasional mechanic than mainstay.
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Posted on 23 September 17 at 01:12
When dealing with adding a genre a general rule should be a consideration of "how much of the game makes up this mechanic?" If the mechanic doesn't make up a considerable portion of the time you spend playing the game then it's likely not worth including it as a genre. To use an example: Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 has stealth sections. Do these sections warrant a tag of "stealth" for the game? No because they make up a small portion of the game that is simply there to provide some gameplay variety. Such is the case here.
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