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How many unstarted games do you have?

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Last post: Yesterday at 17:17
Posted on 06 April 17 at 08:04
I have over 150 unstarted games in my ready to install folder on Xbox One alone, and I am curious how many do you people have?
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Posted on 06 April 17 at 09:56
Way too many, and growing larger every month thanks to Games with Gold. I think my game collection is up to date HyruleBalverine's Game Collection If so, it's 261. That doesn't count the in progress games.
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Posted on 06 April 17 at 16:41
461 games on my xbox one (including backwards compatible ones)
Around 70 on my phone and pc combined. And I believe around 500 for the 360.....and I literally have no clue why I keep getting more
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Posted on 06 April 17 at 17:55
A _ _it tonne!
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Posted on 07 April 17 at 00:13
Hang on let me check

One, two, three, fo... you know what, I'm just going to go with "way too damn many"
Apollyon VII
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Apollyon VII
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Posted on 21 April 17 at 14:45
At least 300 that I haven't even touched.
X8BIT ScorpionX
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Posted on 22 April 17 at 02:08
Over 978.
And there was a huge whale and it was all like MWAAAAA which made it super scary!
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Posted on 01 May 17 at 21:26
100esh x1/360 digital games, most are from GWG
10esh x1/360 Disk based games.
5 Steam
1PS Vita
2 DS games.
20esh WP/WIN 8(10)
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