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Four Sided Fantasy Review

  • LexualLexual370,737
    Posted on 07 April 17 at 18:33
    A side-scrolling puzzle platformer with a twist.

    Please click here to read the story: Four Sided Fantasy Review
  • adamrulzadamrulz405,868
    Posted on 07 April 17 at 19:10
    Nice review, I just picked this up the other day and may start it this weekend. Thanks!
  • QuickdontdieQuickdontdie1,573,590
    Posted on 07 April 17 at 20:27
    Easy to pick up? No way, even the earliest puzzles are really hard.
  • negative1nenegative1ne100,182
    Posted on 08 April 17 at 16:40
    unless, you've never played a platformer before. this game is actually very easy.

    played it yesterday and finished it (under a friends account).

    not hard at all.
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