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Xbox One Sale Roundup: April 11th, 2017

  • Smithy373Smithy373563,722
    Posted on 11 April 17 at 06:21
    Been waiting for arkham knight season pass to be on sale, might also grab the porsche expansion for forza 6 clap
  • danymaggotdanymaggot415,146
    Posted on 11 April 17 at 06:40
    These are sales?! facepalm
  • EinhanderEinhander194,965 194,965 GamerScore
    Posted on 11 April 17 at 06:42
  • RhyoliticRhyolitic421,439
    Posted on 11 April 17 at 06:46
    BegFourMercy said:
    Rhyolitic said:
    The Nuka Cola Quantum, Pet Carriers, Lunchboxes, and Mr. Handys packs for Fallout Shelter are also on sale @ 50% off. I don't know if it's related to the Spring Sale or for how long it goes, but it's active right now. So if you want to make an attempt at the 20 Legendary Dwellers and don't have access to a Win10 machine to futz with the clock, this is a decent attempt to make progress there for that achievement.
    Are you insane? You need about 500 boxes for the achievement. Place on the PC and advance the clock.
    Did you miss that bolded part? I don't have access to a Windows 10 PC (I really disagree with the direction MS took with Win10 so I declined to get it on my PC, Win7 works just fine for me). I can only play it on the X1, so the clock trick doesn't work. It's only through lunchboxes and the very rare quest Legendary Dweller that I can get the achievement. I'm already at 7 through sheer luck.

  • kevc99kevc9999,725
    Posted on 11 April 17 at 06:49
    TXsportsGamer83 said:
    Which is the telltale bundle that has ALL walking dead episodes? Id rather get that than just get the free season 2
    I was going to pick up one of the telltale bundles but remembered that the walking dead season 2 is in gwg this month, and I have already played season one so not sure whether the bundle would be worth it.
  • Posted on 11 April 17 at 06:55
    Quite a few non-bundles in the bundle section of the list, and some pricing issues, but good work on getting it up.
  • matdanmatdan793,000
    Posted on 11 April 17 at 06:56
    Dead Space Ignition and Dragon Age Origins have been added to EA Access.
  • ZalexzyZalexzy1,758,822
    Posted on 11 April 17 at 06:56, Edited on 11 April 17 at 06:59 by Zalexzy
    rocking23nf said:
    walking dead michone is 1.94 in the Canadian windows 10 marketplace
    oxenfree 6.50
    shadow complex 7.69
    ori 10.99
    quantum break 26
    Minecraft story mode has both season passes on discount too (ep 1-5 and 6-8).
    WD Michonne, as usual, only ep 1 is discounted. I'll keep waiting better sale.

    Whether they actually work when you try to buy 'em through game... Batman season pass discount never worked when it was listed on sale, showed up full price when tried to buy.
  • White WyvernWhite Wyvern483,797
    Posted on 11 April 17 at 07:04
    The Ryse season pass is on sale too, if you're interested.
    Beep Boop
  • SchinderdivSchinderdiv642,353
    Posted on 11 April 17 at 07:22
    Huge list with 1 item I'm interested in. Goid times!
    'Member? WickedDeath : "That used car salesman Larry herb will be saying what an amazing deal it is..."
  • SlimwastakenSlimwastaken174,967
    Posted on 11 April 17 at 07:28, Edited on 11 April 17 at 07:29 by Slimwastaken
    Forza Horizon 3, Recore, Candle man & both of the Wolfenstein games for me! Awesome 😊
  • gypsymuffingypsymuffin499,005
    Posted on 11 April 17 at 07:29
    Poor list IMO.
  • Bridge188Bridge188907,777
    Posted on 11 April 17 at 07:31
    Of the few things there which I actually want, nothing is discounted more than about 5%, so again, nothing for me. Could get physical copies for less than half most of these prices!
  • SplattadorSplattador349,662
    Posted on 11 April 17 at 07:35
    I lost faith in the seasonal sales a long time ago. It's the same stuff at barely discounted prices. I'm just going to keep saving my Bing points for "Red Dead Redemption 2".
  • MaesenkoMaesenko308,900
    Posted on 11 April 17 at 07:54
    There are a few gems for me buried in this pile. Mostly cheaper, indie titles and DLC/season passes. But hey, I'll take whatever sales I can get! I want too much as is.
    "I dig my hole, you build a wall..."
  • crowbo 360crowbo 360616,128
    Posted on 11 April 17 at 07:56, Edited on 11 April 17 at 07:57 by crowbo 360
    MugenKairo said:
    Finally picked up ORI and the Blind Forest which has been on my list for some time. Curious as to the 360 sale line-up.
    You won't be disappointed. An absolutely brilliant game. I've 100%ed Ori & Ori Def. Ed. and would buy another if they released an Ori Super Def Ed. Enjoy! smile
  • beemohbeemoh73,788
    Posted on 11 April 17 at 08:32
    The GTA Megalodon Pack is showing three prices (£101.99£101.99£59.87) and they're all wrong (It's £47.90 on
  • TTerBNZTTerBNZ829,178
    Posted on 11 April 17 at 08:38
    There an easy way to see completion time? A bunch of easy GPs here but keen to know what to get!
  • Posted on 11 April 17 at 08:43
    A long list of games with pretty poor discounts, the only thing I'm even considering id the Arkham Knight Season Pass finally being a reasonable price (although the difference in price between the UK & US is insulting).

    Have to say it, the sales on the Playstation Store for the last few weeks have shat on this from a great height.
  • NawtyCawtyNawtyCawty633,001
    Posted on 11 April 17 at 08:51, Edited on 11 April 17 at 08:55 by NawtyCawty
    Might get Candleman and Uncanny Valley, although its not much of a discount tbh.

    I never buy full retail games digitally as the physical copies are ALWAYS cheaper.
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