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Xbox 360 Sale Roundup: April 11th, 2017

x Tango Sukka x
Posted on 11 April 17 at 17:34
I was so hoping for the Sniper Elite 3 DLC's in this sale!

The Ultimate Edition is on sale on the XB1, but just the game for the 360???

I feel like as deflated as the rest for another sale that gets directed at every game I already own, or don't ever want to play!
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Posted on 11 April 17 at 17:43
StuartATrueRed said:
You know the season passes for Tales from the Borderlands, Game of Thrones, Life is Strange and Minecraft Story mode Season Pass and Adventure pass are also on sale on the Xbox 360 too!
^ this. I'm glad I checked for myself because I didn't get notified by TA that Life is Strange Season Pass went on sale on Xbox360, too. Please fix this!

Removed Gamer
Gamer has been removed
Posted on 11 April 17 at 18:04
YES! Catherine (EU) is finally on sale!!!headspin
Posted on 11 April 17 at 19:36
Not a terrible sale for me at least. There's a few cheap games on here I don't hoard- I mean own, yet. laugh

I'd strongly recommend Catherine for $2.99 if you don't already have it. It's very difficult even on Easy, but it is probably one of the most memorable 360 games I have ever played. On that note, does anyone know if the EU version of it stacks? They are virtually the same price and I wouldn't mind getting it again since I can play it on my One now.

Side note to Rich: You missed a lot of the DLC listed as on sale. Check Storeparser.
Posted on 11 April 17 at 19:51
i can't buy juju for some reason :/ yet I've been able to buy other games so it's not a problem with my card
D Jones
Posted on 11 April 17 at 20:50
Kinda gross that Original GoW from 06 is discounted at $8.99. I just bought one on ebay for $2.76 :\ That and my gamestops Buy 4/$10.00 bin is full of them and I was disappointed at that. I'd be mad even if these were price drops and not sales
Posted on 11 April 17 at 22:02
Lack of DLC sucks!
I was hoping for Undead Nightmare, AC IV, and Bioshock DLC sale.
The Noto
The Noto
Posted on 11 April 17 at 22:14
Alinthenigel said:
Both DLC's for state of decay are on sale as well 1.95 US for gold and 2.65 for silver
Thank you! I was hoping for this.
Posted on 11 April 17 at 22:25, Edited on 11 April 17 at 22:34 by DownInFlames85
Some of the Goat Simulator DLC are on sale as well, on both X360 & X1, just not the "Waste of Space" one though.
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Posted on 11 April 17 at 22:39
Nothing for me. None of those prices are low enough to warrant me buying any of the ones I would want. And anything that is, I already own.
Posted on 11 April 17 at 23:08
Grabbed telltales borderlands and GOT's season passes.
Posted on 12 April 17 at 00:23
Where is the MASS EFFECT 1-3 DLC!?!?! EA can blow me. Terrible sale overall.
Posted on 12 April 17 at 01:15
Life is Strange Season Pass and State of Decay DLC are also on sale. There should be a XBLA filter or something?
Posted on 12 April 17 at 01:44
Elliot Pierson said:
Pretty terrible tbh..

Paying that much for those old Call of Duty's is pretty disgusting
Activision still living in a sugar-coated fairy-tale that their games are worth $40-60 years down the line and their map packs are actually worth $15 a pop.
Posted on 12 April 17 at 01:45
Lack of DLC sucks!
I was hoping for Undead Nightmare, AC IV, and Bioshock DLC sale.
A number of DLC are discounted, but not listed here. Check the Spring Sale on the Xbox Dashboard.
Posted on 12 April 17 at 01:56
All these game have been or will be gwg, save your money.
Posted on 12 April 17 at 02:31
PistolMcAwesome said:
Lost Odyssey for only $6 is an absolute steal. Highly recommend grabbing it at that price.
I got it for free a couple of months ago. There was a TA article about the free download.
Posted on 12 April 17 at 02:36
I looked into it and found out the EU (PAL) and Japanese (NTSC-J) versions of Catherine do stack with the American version, which is awesome. However, there are some annoying hoops you need to jump through to get them. Namely, even though they are backwards compatible, you can't just buy them for your One if you don't have an EU/Japanese account. One games are region free, but 360 games still require you to buy the game with an account from that region, otherwise you can't access their marketplace. You can play all of the versions of the One, but not buy them there.

I was forced to make a UK account on, and then buy the game through my One while logged into that account. So if any of you are wondering how to get the EU version of Catherine if you're in America, there you go. You'll need to do that for any 360 game not in your region.

On the bright side, my American credit card worked on the UK marketplace; that being said, I needed to add a UK billing address to get it to work. For that, you just need to look up some random address. I found a fake address generator that worked just fine.
Posted on 12 April 17 at 06:08
PainfulLegacy said:
Where is the MASS EFFECT 1-3 DLC!?!?! EA can blow me. Terrible sale overall.
Mass Effect 2 and 3's DLC was on sale a few weeks ago.
Posted on 12 April 17 at 07:08
Was hoping for more arcade titles or dlc pretty shitty 360 sale oh well :( maybe I'll buy Rio out of sadness lol
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