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Wing Commander Arena - Gunfighter

  • Posted on 11 February 12 at 19:44
    Hi there,

    For the achievement "Gunfighter" it requires that you have all of the ships unlocked.

    I have found on the internet that to unlock the "Terran - F-44 Rapier II Cavalier" you must unlock the "Navigator" achievement. I have unlocked this achievement but still do not have the Cavalier available...

    I have been told that I may have completed the Navigator achievement in the wrong ship..?

    I have met the requirements again for the navigator achievement but in the correct ship and it has still not unlocked the Cavalier...

    I have played each mode quite a lot since unlocking the Navigator achievement as this sometimes forces certain glitched ships to become available, but this didn't work either.

    I have also just unlocked the "Hot Dog" achv in the Terran F-44 Rapier II" in the hope that this may unlock it, but still no luck...

    Please can anyone help or suggest what I must do now to allow me to use the "Terran - F-44 Rapier II Cavalier"..?

    Thanks a lot,
    Posted on 22 May 16 at 00:53
    need help with a couple achievements for this game. message me on here or xbox if you can help
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