Game Discussion: Dead Rising

Shooting controls

  • Julz D 01Julz D 01500,055
    Posted on 12 April 17 at 02:48
    I have not played this version of the game yet. I remember in the original on the shooting controls were some of the worst out there. I was wondering if they have done anything to make this any better in the remaster?
  • Posted on 12 April 17 at 06:49
    I highly doubt it. Most remasters just rip and paste, without tinkering too hard. It should be a little easier with the XBO controller (as most things are), but I doubt there was a significant overhaul.
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  • Julz D 01Julz D 01500,055
    Posted on 12 April 17 at 22:42
    Capcom did new controls for Resident Evil so it doesn't seem impossible
  • DimmockDimmock549,345
    Posted on 13 April 17 at 13:07
    The Xbox one version is exactly the same apart from the increased resolution and framerate.

    It even has the exact same crashing bug in infinity mode.
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  • Julz D 01Julz D 01500,055
    Posted on 15 April 17 at 21:07
    What's the crash bug?
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