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New patch released

Posted on 18 April 17 at 22:37
It's 3.2 / 3.4Gb can't remember 100%
They haven't made any announcement but a reply on there twitter says it's to address some bugged achievements

it looks like it's pointless because the achievements are still glitched from the ones I've tried to get (floor is lava, don't go into the water and don't die in any level)

Has any one else tried?
Posted on 19 April 17 at 00:37
To add more info... I'm playing on Windows 10. I've gotten the two achievements mentioned by the OP without the patch, but have had to re-open the game on each new attempt.

I've also not seen an update for the game roll out to the Win 10 store, but the install size of the entire game is 3.41 GB, so I'm just gonna try to uninstall and reinstall. I'll update this post if anything changes. I'm hoping this will fix the no deaths achievement as well.
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Posted on 19 April 17 at 18:15
Its 3.5 GB big now, I have stopped playing after the fifth level cause I heared about the glitchy stuff. So u still couldn't unlock the dont die achievement? That's crap man , so to get that glitchy achievement u have to delete the save file and start over again and everytime u die u have to dashboard?
Cool I just spend 20 dollars for that buggy crap
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