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  • Posted on 22 April 17 at 10:55
    Please use this thread to discuss the BATMAN - The Telltale Series walkthrough
  • Itzz Sh0wt1m3Itzz Sh0wt1m31,146,977
    Posted on 04 September 17 at 12:03
    Update: Walkthrough has been taken over by me as writer and I've submitted it for review.
  • QuickMythrilQuickMythril753,950
    Posted on 11 September 17 at 22:26, Edited on 25 September 17 at 11:58 by QuickMythril
    Ep1 Ch2: if you check the Codex and look at Catwoman before checking the Feed, it will progress the story automatically and you will miss the chance to check the Feed. not really important, but may be better to reword that part of the WT.

    Ep1 Ch3: "keep walking forward towards the fountain". possible typo. i didn't see a fountain in the park. i think it should say "towards the statue". or maybe just "into the park".

    Ep1 Ch4: found a little glitch actually! "Choose the balcony on the left hand side (shelves)." the far right option says Stairs, and the upper-center one says Shelf. the left (correct) option is apparently bugged and will say either Shelf or Stairs depending on which of the others you pointed at last. if you point to the left, without first highlighting either of the others, it will say whichever item you last linked (pointed at) during the investigation. for me it said Incendiary Bullet, lol.
  • LoonieleeLoonielee482,224
    Posted on 14 September 17 at 10:12
    I'll give Itzz Sh0wt1m3 the opportunity to sort this out first, otherwise I can edit if needed.
    Proud member of the Walkthrough Team
  • Itzz Sh0wt1m3Itzz Sh0wt1m31,146,977
    Posted on 14 September 17 at 12:10
    Hi there QuickMythril. Thanks for the feedback! I've been a bit busy lately so apologies for the late response. Regarding the feedback:

    Note 1: Correct, I've tried to write the walkthrough in a way that gets you through the game ASAP, thus I did not mention this. I've made a note of this in the walkthrough.

    Note 2:
    I remembered being a fountain there before you encountered the statue. After double checking this now I see there is no fountain at all. Changed "fountain" to "statue".

    Note 3:
    Nice find! If I understand you correctly, the glitch does not specifically prevent you from progressing any further into the story, just the wording might be glitched for 2 options. Ive decided not to make a note of this in the walkthrough, though feel free to let me know if you feel there needs to be one, and if so what the note should say.

    Thanks again!

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