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Race The Sun Review

  • DamnSillyDamnSilly1,285,117
    Posted on 26 April 17 at 14:10
    No buns, guns or nuns, but a fun run in the sun

    Please click here to read the story: Race The Sun Review
  • Paper21Paper21615,476
    Posted on 26 April 17 at 14:24
    It's a fun game to pop in a few games a day, for sure
    - J
  • WyyvernWyyvern670,927
    Posted on 26 April 17 at 14:37, Edited on 26 April 17 at 14:41 by Wyyvern
    After watching some clips it reminds me of an old flash game, can't remember what it was called. The one with the triangles.

    Edit - Cubefield, that's the one. No triangles here...
    Here be dragons.
  • AlahertAlahert2,055,292
    Posted on 26 April 17 at 14:41
    It looks like a lot of fun smile
  • mosin360mosin360770,161
    Posted on 27 April 17 at 02:40
    I'll bite when its at 75% sale.
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  • Legohead 1977Legohead 19771,892,717
    Posted on 27 April 17 at 09:29
    After watching the beam session for a few minutes the other day I have a feeling this is too frantic for me.
    Legohead 1977
  • Rhhe82Rhhe82313,890
    Posted on 15 May 17 at 07:19
    So, no jolly cooperation? Grossly incandescent ships to fly?
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