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Top Five Backwards Compatibility Wishlist - Part Two

Posted on 28 April 17 at 09:00
Because everything in video games gets a sequel

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Posted on 28 April 17 at 09:05
I'd agree with most of that. I'd put Splinter Cell blacklist in though over Batman Origins. Games i'd probably like to see are Binary Domain, Syndicate, Vanquish, Devil May Cry HD Collection.

Also you should never be called out for picking Enslaved. Great game.
Posted on 28 April 17 at 09:07
Saints Row the Third is on my list
Posted on 28 April 17 at 09:12
Never made sense to me that Blacklist didn't make the jump, either in a "Definitive Edition" or as early BC.

Other than that, I just want all the previous GWG to go BC. Notably, Mafia 2 and Army of Two: Devil's Cartel.
No God, know fear. Know God, no fear.
Posted on 28 April 17 at 09:18
Not in any particular order:

1. Trials Evolution
2. Devil May Cry HD collection
3. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
4. Dragons Dogma
5. Max Payne 3

(Also: L.A. Noire, Eternal Sonata, rest of 360 Lego games, Crysis 1 & 2, Remember Me, Metal Gear Solid HD Collection, Silent Hills...)
aUMi Polaris
aUMi Polaris
Posted on 28 April 17 at 09:24
I'm so hopeful that Enslaved will arrive one day, but it's so low down on Microsoft's back compact feedback, I feel like it wont ever arrive cry
Posted on 28 April 17 at 09:31
I second the call for Spec Ops: The Line. If it went BC, then I would gladly finish the last 2 or 3 achievements I still need.

Dragons Dogma is another favorite for me and after playing Life is Strange, I have become interested in Remember Me as well.
Posted on 28 April 17 at 09:41
1. Saints Row 1
2. Saints Row 2
3. LA Noire
4. Fable Anniversary
5. Forza Motorsport 4
6. More LEGO games
7. Need for Speed 2008/2012
Posted on 28 April 17 at 09:43
Crackdown 2
Deadly Premonition (So I can play my EU copy without getting a pal xbox)
Posted on 28 April 17 at 09:44
Cannot recommend Enslaved enough. A fantastic game, and one of my favourite 360 titles. I'd love for it to go BC, then maybe we might get a price drop on the DLC. I don't revisit old games often but a DLC discount would certainly tempt me to go through the whole game again while I'm there.
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Flip Scripts
Flip Scripts
Posted on 28 April 17 at 10:00
Trials Evolution.
Dark Death 90
Dark Death 90
Posted on 28 April 17 at 10:00
I'd take out Silent Hill HD (because it was so poorly done it's insulting0 and replace it with the MGS HD Collection. If scummy Konami brings one game to backwards compatibility, That's what I want. I'd also take out Batman Arkham Origins, (Because I just don't thing it was very good) and replace it with Fable Anniversary, because I really want to play it.
#1 Resident Evil Fan.
Posted on 28 April 17 at 10:10
Would be nice to have a Fight Night option playable on the Xbox One. Never got chance to play Spec Ops: The Line first time round, looks a good game.
Tears 0f Wolves
Posted on 28 April 17 at 10:14
Spec ops: the line is near perfection.
The story is engaging with a mind fuck the same magnitude as Modern Warfare 2, in game dialogue is memorable ("you are delta operators, fucking act like it!") and best of all, multiplayer if you're that way inclined but without achievements.
I'd prefer a remaster over BC.
Posted on 28 April 17 at 10:17
Enslaved. Please please please! An amazing game with such memorable character leads...
Jimbo LaFleur
Jimbo LaFleur
Posted on 28 April 17 at 10:30
Only need Vanquish and I'm good!
Posted on 28 April 17 at 10:33, Edited on 28 April 17 at 10:33 by Jackimo1999
It's hard to argue against the games on this list but racing games seem to be under-represented. Need For Speed: Carbon, Blur, Midnight Club: Los Angeles and GRID: Autosport are all more than deserving of a spot on the BC list. I also feel that LA Noire and Hitman: HD Collection (including Blood Money) aren't mentioned enough.

Removed Gamer
Gamer has been removed
Posted on 28 April 17 at 10:39, Edited on 28 April 17 at 10:57 by
Totally agree with Spec Ops but surprised Crack down 1 (more than 2) Is not on your list. It is prime for so many reasons. A Microsoft game in itself , fun to play, quite old ....

Of course I can see the reasons why with 3 due very shortly there will be some kind of tie in and thus the reason why no remaster (not that stopped Dishonoured) Will be interesting to see what the deal will be ?
Too many Irons in the fire !
Posted on 28 April 17 at 10:57
Dante's inferno ,
Posted on 28 April 17 at 11:00, Edited on 28 April 17 at 11:01 by POLLA BIONIKA
Splinter Cell Blacklist, Conviction and Double Agent please!!!

I also have the original 3 from the first xbox, the first, Pandora Tomorrow and Chaos Theory.
I wish we could have some kind of remaster or HD version, as it was in the PS3, to play all of them in my Xbox One S and soon in the Scorpio. I haven't played them since the first Xbox.

Thinking about other games Fable Anniversary, Ninja Gaiden 2, PGR4 and Metal Gear HD Collection.
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