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Achievements not unlocking?

King fiShiZ
King fiShiZ
Posted on 07 May 17 at 16:02
I've played the Game for about 10 hours now and just realized that I did't unlocked any Achievements (not even %-Tracking) . Someone has the same Problem & Solution?
Posted on 07 May 17 at 17:18
I unlocked getting killed by a helicopter in like 6 minutes.
Posted on 11 July 17 at 23:53
I am experiencing the same problem. I have uninstalled the game, attempted the suggestions on the Xbox website and have tried to start a new game. Still when I get killed by the helicopter no achievement pops.
Life Is A Grave
Posted on 09 October 18 at 06:06
2018 and still bugged. I unlocked 8 achievements yesterday. Today, it looks like achievements are disabled. Period. Nothing unlocks on any account. I've tried deleting saves, starting new games, uninstalling, resetting my console...Guess I grabbed the deluxe edition for nothing. What a waste.
Kongo Dragon
Kongo Dragon
Posted on 26 October 18 at 16:44
Did you manage to resolve the issue? I want to start this but I'm slightly apprehensive.
Lurking Lawyer
Posted on 19 November 18 at 13:09
Kongo Dragon said:
Did you manage to resolve the issue? I want to start this but I'm slightly apprehensive.
I ran through it recently had no problems, FWIW.

Try starting it on an alt account and see whether the first one or two achievements pop, maybe? You won't have it on your main profile if it's not working.

I really enjoyed. I'd have probably still played it even if the achievements had been unlocking, TBH.

Posted on 12 June 19 at 20:19, Edited on 15 June 19 at 17:04 by Stevo6483
I've had a couple of issues now - a story achievement didn't pop for me until the following day (could be a syncing issue) but also had another one not unlock for helping dock a container in the cargo hold, which has not unlocked overnight.

Edit - the other achievement eventually unlocked over 24 hours later. F knows what caused that.
Stoke me a clipper, I'll be back for Christmas... Whatever!
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