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Need a double boxer to boost all the 4 player versus achievements

Neptune Diamond
Posted on 15 May 17 at 20:13
Hey, I want to get all the 4 player versus achievements with another fellow booster, if we double box it will cut the time in half as we dont need to alternate the wins (We will be on the same team, and our dummies on the other).

Make sure you have two xbox consoles, two gold profiles, two copies of the game and the DLC on both consoles.

Send me a message if you're interested! toast
A Dreadful Shot
Posted on 18 May 17 at 18:33
i'm down

Removed Gamer
Gamer has been removed
Posted on 25 May 17 at 00:44
Im in also , got 2 xbox . If anyone else in this case contact me
Posted on 11 July 17 at 16:34
i Need help with these achievements too on both consoles feel free to add me?
Posted on 07 October 17 at 01:37
I am willing to help out. I'm borrowing my friends Xbox 360 and would like to do team survivors and the 80k achievement. Might be putting up a session but would like to find another person with 2 Xboxes. Message me directly on here and if I still got my buddies Xbox I'm willing to boost it.
Living Legends
Posted on 07 October 17 at 06:26
I have two boxes and willing to boost this MP quickly. I am available Mon-Fri 9am-1pm PST
Posted on 20 November 17 at 20:36
I have to boxes and willing to knock these out. Message me on here or Xbox Live
Posted on 21 June 18 at 16:49
YO lets make this happen serious versus RE5 achievement boost. message me here. LETS DO IT
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