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Read Post! Bonus EXP event Megathread (READ TO LEVEL UP QUICKER!)

  • Jakben14Jakben14606,590
    Posted on 19 May 17 at 05:01, Edited on 29 October 17 at 04:27 by Jakben14Permalink
    Keeping this thread open since TA doesn't put Happy Dungeons events on their news feed. Keep looking back for any future events and will update as soon as they go live! wave

    Edit 2: Since I have already reached level 50 and unlocked all the achievements in Happy Dungeons, I won't be playing this game for a long long time until they update the achievement list (which they most likely will) in the future. Since this thread was used to kick start the bonus event thread, it's up to you the community to continue this tradition for future events. Good luck everyone in the future!

    Edit: This weekend only Happy Dungeons is currently having an event where if you defeat the Goblin Leader with a party of four players, you can get 200K+ exp in less than five minutes per game!

    The weekend challenge Event Dungeon The Goblin King and I runs from 1:00 on May 19th until 23:59 May 21st(UTC)!

    Update: You'll need to play the regular insane difficulty to get the increased XP and complete the dungeon
  • Mario163Mario163618,399
    Posted on 19 May 17 at 07:22Permalink
    Time to finish this game! :) Only one more level to go.
  • SelFisH ssSelFisH ss242,380
    Posted on 19 May 17 at 16:22Permalink
    This event is fine, you get a lot of exp then for the people that need to level up go play it. 4 people plus friends I get 600 k
  • MaDDaWQMaDDaWQ480,096
    Posted on 23 June 17 at 11:53Permalink
    This weekends event seems even shorter smile
    Or maybe that's because of some new gear and co-op friends.
  • Jakben14Jakben14606,590
    Posted on 28 July 17 at 21:40Permalink
    July 28th - 31st (UTC): Singy Reller and I
    "Beat the boss fast to get a treasure chest filled with good stuff!"
    Again, be sure to have friends in a four player lobby to get an even bigger exp bonus!
  • Posted on 18 August 17 at 11:15Permalink
    Is this weekend's event any good? Crimson Ogre and I.
  • AdmiralMooAdmiralMoo516,626
    Posted on 18 August 17 at 22:40Permalink
    130k+ in about 30 secs on Death difficulty.
  • Jakben14Jakben14606,590
    Posted on 19 August 17 at 02:27Permalink
    Za Pantsupati said:
    Is this weekend's event any good? Crimson Ogre and I.
    It should be the same and if your in a 4 player party then you can get 220K every 2 minutes.
  • Jakben14Jakben14606,590
    Posted on 19 August 17 at 02:29Permalink
    August 18 - 21: Crimson Ogre and I until 7am UTC.

    Plus late mention, Toylogic is giving away a Memorial Controller accessory which includes an EXP Bonanza buff.
  • tmw666tmw666269,072
    Posted on 22 August 17 at 10:49, Edited on 22 August 17 at 12:28 by tmw666Permalink
    how much xp does the exp bonanza buff give?

    i'm trying to figure out if i should equip it or keep my regular item (i need the att and def buffs to play death difficulty)
  • lightsup55lightsup55224,202
    Posted on 25 August 17 at 23:36Permalink
    tmw666 said:
    how much xp does the exp bonanza buff give?
  • Posted on 29 August 17 at 23:25, Edited on 29 August 17 at 23:26 by x j3s xPermalink
    Za Pantsupati said:
    Is this weekend's event any good? Crimson Ogre and I.
    Late reply, but, if you haven't yet reached level 50, you always want to be taking part in events as they provide the best time-to-XP ratio in the game. It is not uncommon for the more hardcore players to prestige an absolute minimum of 2-4 times during each event.

    Also, since I haven't seen this mentioned here yet, if you need XP, there is currently a month long experience event underway on level 8-3 (28 Seconds Later). Your best bet is to play it on hero, preferably with 3 other players or additional controller signed in, and skip all the sub-quests. Aside from gaining XP, each completion (4-5 minutes average) will give you numerous chances at obtaining the Juan Zhang minion which can drop with some of the most powerful passives in the game (God of [insert weapon type here]).
  • Jakben14Jakben14606,590
    Posted on 22 September 17 at 21:08Permalink
    I checked this weeks event and so far looks like it only rewards Punishment Points just like last year. Assuming that the last period of this event which starts on the 29th rewards bonus EXP, I wouldn't bother mentioning it at the moment.
  • Jakben14Jakben14606,590
    Posted on 06 October 17 at 17:55Permalink
    October 6 - 10: The Butler and I!

    Warning, unlike previous weekend rumbles you will actually be facing THREE enemies at once instead of the usual 1v1! If you can actually defeat all three with a party of four, you can actually earn 280K EXP (Not including the friend bonus).
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