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Boosting Trial of Power for people!

Posted on 20 May 17 at 14:20
I'm a regular FUTdraft winner and saw some people have problems getting this achievement. So I thought, why not help a few of you out. I will not be doing this for free though! I require a set amount of coins for me throwing the final for you to get this achievement. The cost will compensate my FUTdraft winning packs and the entry itself. If you want me to meet you in other stages of the draft then it will cost more as the packs i'd get would be worse. I will send screenshots of my record, current FUTdraft progress to prove in no way am I a scammer. I'll require half the price paid upfront to give me some security from people scamming me. Hit me up on here or xbox. My gamertag is ProEamzy.
Posted on 08 August 17 at 08:53
Hey man, I have messaged you on Live. I would really appreciate some help!
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