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Is it okay for me to boost to level 50 before buying the DLC?

  • Posted on 20 May 17 at 18:14Permalink
    I noticed that Bioshock 2 was on sale, but for some reason the people in charge of the sales thought it would be a good idea to not have a sale on the DLC as well, so right now the one online related map pack costs as much as the game itself. So I was thinking if I could boost to rank 50 and get all the achievements, and then wait until the DLC comes on sale, buy the DLC, and then use rebirth to get the "Reincarnation" achievement. Does this sound like a good way of going for it?
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    Good question, I do not believe you can boost past 40 since you don't have the dlc by I am not sure since I have owned. the dlc every time.

    What I did was buy the ultimate rapture edition, installed. the dlc and returned it to Gamestop. Basically free dlc minus the cost of gas
  • JamP0und32JamP0und32801,792
    Posted on 20 May 17 at 19:56Permalink
    Your level cap is 40 without dlc. One thing I can't remember is if your xp over level 40 gets converted once you install it. I'm leaning towards no. So by all means, boost to 40 but I'd then stop until you buy the dlc. Unless someone can confirm otherwise.
  • misfit119misfit119869,203
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    No it does not! At least it didn't back when I started boosting. One of the dudes in the boosting session found this out the hard way.
    Looking to boost any MP achievements I don't have for any game I own.
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    Alright, thanks a lot guys. I'll boost to rank 40 and if the DLC is not on sale by then I'll just say screw it and buy it, it will be one of my last games anyway. Appreciate the help toast
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