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Achievements not unlocking?

  • dasaki vdasaki v441,204
    Posted on 23 May 17 at 23:27Permalink
    I've been playing this for three days on my phone (Motorola Moto e, Android version 5.1) and seem to be having a rather strange issue.

    My gamertag is signed in and visible on the leaderboards, but the achievements simply will not unlock. Not just a syncing issue, but they will not unlock in the app itself. I have more than 10 full games played, played full games in multiple languages and used all 16 tiles in at least half... Are there any fixes for this?
  • JeffMommJeffMomm319,040
    Posted on 24 May 17 at 01:12Permalink
    I've run into the exact same issue - I haven't found a way around it yet though. :-(
  • dasaki vdasaki v441,204
    Posted on 24 May 17 at 05:49Permalink
    Dang, at least there's Solitaire and Age of Empires for my mobile achievements.

    Here's hoping someone can help us still!
  • mydefpossemydefposse446,075
    Posted on 25 May 17 at 14:08Permalink
    Having this issue too on Samsung S8. Tried to live chat with Xbox Support and they said they don't support achievements so they can't fix it...
  • RicKuRuKuSRicKuRuKuS140,587
    Posted on 05 June 17 at 17:24Permalink
    Yep same issue here, I managed to unlock one a while ago bbut now trying to get them all and nothing unlocks... boo
  • LuentrixLuentrix220,499
    Posted on 06 June 17 at 03:55Permalink
    any fix for this yet? =/
  • raidenhardcoreraidenhardcore1,065,616
    Posted on 09 June 17 at 21:07Permalink
    same issue here nothing
  • dasaki vdasaki v441,204
    Posted on 10 June 17 at 03:06Permalink
    Looking at the achievement hostory, the mobile versions all but stopped giving achievements around the 10th, which I think is when it was changed on win10?

    Oddly, the Win8 version works just fine, unlocking achievements with no trouble. This sucks for when I don't have my tablet on me.
  • JeffMommJeffMomm319,040
    Posted on 11 June 17 at 17:35Permalink
    Hi all,

    I've been working with a support contact as MS who noticed that Wordament has disappeared from my profile. That probably is related to what "dasaki v" found with no one popping any achievements in this since May 10th.

    My support contact asked that I ask each of you to check your profile and confirm if Wordament is there or gone. I went to this link: Signed in as myself and then went to my Achievement list near the bottom. I used the Find on Page feature to search for Wordament and I found no results.

    Please post your findings here. My support contact is monitoring this forum.

  • dasaki vdasaki v441,204
    Posted on 12 June 17 at 09:09, Edited on 12 June 17 at 09:12 by dasaki vPermalink
    Checked as requested, I do not have ANY wordament listed. Not for Android or iOS. (I tried it on my brother's iPhone a few days ago, with no luck)

    In fact, the Win 8 version I've been playing on my Surface RT is showing as Microsoft Ultimate Word Games and stating that it's Win 10 in the information on the game page.
  • LuentrixLuentrix220,499
    Posted on 21 June 17 at 02:54Permalink
    so we can still unlock achievement on windows version then?
  • JeffMommJeffMomm319,040
    Posted on 21 June 17 at 18:43Permalink
    That I do not know as I have had all the achievements for a long time, so I don't have anything to unlock as a test.
  • Jdchicago13Jdchicago13411,476
    Posted on 21 June 17 at 21:20Permalink
    I unlocked spin cycle last night as my first achievement, however I believe I completed other achievements but they did not unlock. So my guess it could be extremely random on when they could unlock if they ever unlock.
  • dasaki vdasaki v441,204
    Posted on 29 June 17 at 02:10Permalink
    Some of them appear to be working at least, I cycled every language however and could not unlock multi-lingual
  • JeffMommJeffMomm319,040
    Posted on 29 June 17 at 19:37Permalink
    @dasaki v - did you reinstall or anything? After reading your post, I was encouraged it might work. So, I loaded up Wordament for Android last night and did the requirements for a couple achievements, but they didn't pop for me. :-(
  • Naystar32Naystar32225,971
    Posted on 05 July 17 at 17:10Permalink
    185 rounds and i always don't have the last achievement i need (finish 100 rounds)...its really what ? i will stay at 45/50G ? i really need to finish it !

    I precise i have uninstall and install again, im on android with a galaxy s6
    If someone find a solution i really want it
  • N0RFENN0RFEN861,353
    Posted on 15 July 17 at 15:54Permalink
    Achievements are still unlocking on Win8 and WP Version.
  • Posted on 17 July 17 at 12:16Permalink
    Achievement are not unlocking for me. I have not played the game before. It also doesn't seem to be recording any of my stats at all after the 3 rounds I played. I can see my gamer tag in the leader boards, though the game picture is an older one that I've used. Anyone having any luck?
  • Posted on 30 July 17 at 21:38, Edited on 30 July 17 at 21:42 by Mental Knight 5Permalink
    Just got the game and can't get any achievements on Xbox or within the app. Game does not appear on my account. I had already played Microsoft Ultimate Word Games for Windows 10 if that matters.
  • Posted on 05 August 17 at 09:17Permalink
    i have tried this on a kindle fire and no luck, however like others i have lost wordament of my gamertag, but have ultimate word games. strangely i have lost gamerscore on other titles that i have played on the laptop
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