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Progress towards A Real Contender has stopped

Posted on 24 May 17 at 12:02
Hey guys I played 14 private and online matches yesterday and my progress bar didn't move at all. I woke up this morning and checked my app to see if it updated overnight but nope, still at the same percentage. Anyone experience this yet? Really hoping my shit ain't glitched.
Posted on 25 May 17 at 03:32
Ok so I figured out how to fix the issue.

If at any point you stop gaining progress towards this, it's because Netherrealms' netcode is iffy as fuck.

What I had to do was:
1. Quit the game from the dashboard
2. Go offline in settings
3. Restart the game
4. Connect back to XBL while at the main menu

I then played a match after it reconnected and it counted
robot ears 928
Posted on 25 May 17 at 17:27
Yea this is happening to me to i tried your solution twice and it didn5 work =( any other tips
Posted on 25 May 17 at 23:05
Sorry, it's happening again to me today and I tried my solution, not working anymore. What a worthless glitchy puece of shit game.
Posted on 26 May 17 at 13:22
Ok so another update...

I decided since nothing was working that I'll just keep playing to 200 and see what happens. After a handful of matches with no progress on the tracker, it randomly started picking up progress! So I guess the only real solution is to keep playing and eventually it'll sort itself out.
Posted on 26 May 17 at 20:34
not getting anything had no troubles until today after the upate
Posted on 19 October 18 at 20:01
What are the chances of injustice 2 getting an update to correct the issues with 'A Real Contender' & 'Don' t Stop Me Now' achievements both have stopped progressing no matter what has been tried?? Can we get a petition or something through Ta or Twitter etc get Ed Boon and Co to notice??
Posted on 24 November 18 at 10:28
There is nothing wrong with the achievement. I just got it and had notice a small problem

I first played Private King of the Hill and got the tracker to 14%.
I started to play Public matches and the tracker did not move until I hit the 29th match.

I notice that it only moved when you play 200 matches of the same mode, meaning to unlock the achievement you have to play 200 matches of player or ranked matches.

So if the tracker is stuck at 33% (66 matches) and all you have been playing is one category in player matches then you switch it up to rank matches or a different type of player match, the tracker will not move until you hit your 67 match in that type of match.

You have to play 200 matches in one mode in player or ranked for it to count.

Hope this Helps
Marcus Stevenson
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