Game Discussion: Dark Sector

Looking to double box this game with somebody

  • Posted on 02 June 17 at 08:25
    All the online achievements require 4 people so I would like to speed up the process and double box with somebody else who also has the ability to do it, I've got the copies in the cupboard ready to go just send me a message and we can arrange.

    Diabolic X 14
  • x701xDrTranx701xDrTran321,673
    Posted on 08 June 17 at 22:02
    I would like to boost but I don't have a second Xbox or game. If you change your mind, let me know.
  • Posted on 13 June 17 at 03:08
    Hey, if either of you still need this achievement, I can be able to help out if you help me as well.
    It might not be during this month because I'm a little pressed for time, but I can make plans for the future.
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