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    Posted on 02 June 17 at 20:09
    Please use this thread to discuss this game's classification under the multi-genre system.

    If you disagree with the current genres, please click the "Add genre disagreement" button below.
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    Posted on 02 June 17 at 20:11
    Dang3R Gaming has registered their disagreement about the genres applied to this game
    I don't completely see why Stealth was taken away from this game. There's a fair risk to being seen, especially with snipers and those with guns present, so you can die pretty easy to them. A bunch of missions auto-fail if you are caught as well
  • Zonrith1Zonrith1660,256
    Posted on 15 June 17 at 15:10
    Current definition of Stealth:
    Stealth games task the player with attempting to manoeuvre through an environment unseen and unheard by enemies. Detection will usually come at a cost, resulting in either combat, firefights, or other unfavourable circumstances. In the event of combat or a firefight the player is at a distinct disadvantage as you are much weaker than your enemies when fighting face to face. As such, the player will generally be rewarded for sticking to a more stealthy style of play and utilising any hiding and escape mechanics the game provides.

    I've underlined the provision that appears to have disqualified the game. Stealth is being discussed some more (publicly, in the Far Cry 4 genre disagreement thread), but at present I think this is accurately tagged.
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  • Dang3R GamingDang3R Gaming1,547,258
    Posted on 15 June 17 at 15:26, Edited on 15 June 17 at 15:27 by Dang3R Gaming
    Sorry, but you are at a disadvantage face to face in this game. A lot of the enemies carry guns, which if not dealt with before being seen, means quite a big risk of death. Add in snipers and the fact that enemies come in decent size groups, some being equipped with melee weapons such as knives and crowbars, again I don't see how this doesn't fit, when it did before multi-genres, and fits the definition currently, so I don't see how it's accurately tagged ever since it got removed.
  • Zonrith1Zonrith1660,256
    Posted on 15 June 17 at 16:57
    I've done some more research, to try and see why it was shifted. It does not appear to have been done via a prior discussion that I can find in the staff archives (I could be missing it, but I only found where it originally was given Stealth).

    Do you know if it lost Stealth in the multi-genre move, or did it still have the tag and lost it more recently? I'm wondering if the community vote changed it.

    Regardless, I'm not inclined to back a change on this until the ongoing Stealth discussion is settled, so that I know exactly what we're working with. But I can't find any past context as to why it was changed originally, so I'm at a loss as to why it was removed.
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  • Dang3R GamingDang3R Gaming1,547,258
    Posted on 15 June 17 at 17:08
    It was removed by community vote, which a game like this, I doubt had many voters. Really I don't see why it can't still be added. Even if you shift the definition again, it's not adding a ton to it, it's as you said in the other forum, discussing if one bit should be changed, not the entire definition like before. This still fits pretty much 2/3 at least of the definition.
  • Zonrith1Zonrith1660,256
    Posted on 15 June 17 at 17:31
    When a genre disagreement is submitted, we get an auto-thread on the staff side. When we've made a decision, that thread gets archived off. It's an easy way to keep track of what we still need to deal with. So, it isn't that we can't make the change now, it's just more consistent with our practice to try and hold off until we're pretty sure definition changes are finished (and then [hopefully] plow through them all real fast, archive them off, and not see them re-submitted).

    We've got over 200 titles in the hopper right now (user disagreements, new games, and pre-release titles). I hate going back, so I want to be reasonably sure Stealth is settled and then commit and file this one away as resolved. Based off how the discussions are going, I reckon this will get the tag, but I'm more comfortable waiting, and I've got enough to keep me busy while that's sorting itself out.
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  • Zonrith1Zonrith1660,256
    Posted on 27 June 17 at 13:19
    Stealth has been added as a tag, thanks.
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    Posted on 24 February 22 at 05:23
    NutriWhip has registered their disagreement about the genres applied to this game
    Add Open World and Beat em up. This is essentially a smaller Arkham City. Random events populate the open world that you can do instead of the main story. Beat em up is obvious.
  • NajayNajay104,643
    Posted on 02 March 22 at 10:45
    Thanks. This has been made to match Arkham City etcetc
    Genre manager for TA.
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