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Achievement world for update 1.1

Posted on 03 June 17 at 11:30
Hi I'm the person who did the achievement world for the windows 10 1.1 update and I converted the world saves to android pocket edition the V2 world is for all achievements except treasure hunter which is what the Wood world is for please note that currently the Llama and Shuckler Box achievements are unobtainable.
Posted on 03 June 17 at 23:11
Thanks for creating this.
eL Xpe
eL Xpe
Posted on 04 June 17 at 08:24
Hi i have a question, how do i make it so that i spawn at the location of the chests with the stuff for the achievements?Because right now every time i import a world to my phone and spawn in the world im at spawn and i have no idea where or how far is the place same with the wood mansion world.
Posted on 04 June 17 at 09:33
You can do that with a bed, if you die you will spawn directly next to it, but you have to farm that. For the wood mansion, i used the "1.1 Wood PE"-zip file provided by FireDyeGaming. For that you only have to trade with the villager so you get the map and then follow the map. You see a house icon the map and you just have walk the way up. You see some wooden planks. Just chop them, go in and the achievement should unlock.
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