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    Posted on 05 June 17 at 07:16
    Please use this thread to discuss the Boom Boom Rocket walkthrough
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  • TervissimoTervissimo608,827
    Posted on 22 November 17 at 17:53

    thanks for the walkthrough, I'm going to attempt to complete this game now that I see it was created. However, I can think of 2 things that could improve the guide even further.

    First, it appears all the links that take you back to the "general hints and tips" tab are broken, I couldn't get a single one to work.

    Second, you mentioned that the Xbox One has an advantage since the controller is much better. It has another advantage as well, and that is Co-Pilot mode. This mode was made available for Xbox One players in an update fairly recently, and it can be found in Settings > Ease of Access > Controller > Copilot Settings. Copilot allows you to map two controllers to one player, which makes it easy to have two people playing this game, where one person gets cn_left and cn_B on controller 1, and the other person gets cn_down and cn_Y on controller 2. Using the guide's advice to exploit this even further, you could have 4 players playing just one direction, so each player only has to worry about 1/4 of the notes!

  • RadicalSniper99RadicalSniper991,974,419
    Posted on 23 November 17 at 17:58
    For the links you mention, it appears that was error. I just removed the linking. I'm guessing it's more saying to look back to there rather than actually link to it.
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