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Poll: Which E3 Press Conference Are You Most Looking Forward to Watching?

Posted on 08 June 17 at 10:43
Couldn't care less about the Scorpio, its not going to be much good without the games to back it up.

As for me, new Bethesda then AC game has my interest. I do really hope that Ubi have decided to actually invigorate the AC franchise instead of just take a year off.
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Posted on 08 June 17 at 10:45
I must be one of the few that isn't at all fussed about what Microsoft will be showing off. I've no interest in Scorpio and their track record on exclusive titles has left a lot to be desired. I can't see that changing but I'll be pleasantly surprised if they do reveal something cool. I'd rather hear more about EA's Star Wars games or what's next from Bethesda.
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King fiShiZ
King fiShiZ
Posted on 08 June 17 at 10:46
LuckyConquerer2 said:
Cannot vote on mobile.
Same here
Mr Abductor
Mr Abductor
Posted on 08 June 17 at 10:54
Wanna see how many more exclusive deals and games Sony can get
Posted on 08 June 17 at 11:24
Sony & Ubisoft

I can't imagine the others hold anything of interest (for me at least)
Posted on 08 June 17 at 11:28
MugenKairo said:
Couldn't care less about the Scorpio, its not going to be much good without the games to back it up.

It's going to be the same games as xbox one because it's the same gen..
Posted on 08 June 17 at 11:38
Microsoft for sure. Day One scorpio :)
Posted on 08 June 17 at 11:41
Microsoft and Ubisoft :)

Removed Gamer
Gamer has been removed
Posted on 08 June 17 at 11:52
Microsoft for Scorpio gameplay. I already have an S and a 4K TV so can't wait to see it all streamed in 4K too. VERY excited.
Posted on 08 June 17 at 12:08
In order from Most to Least for me is Bethesda, EA, Microsoft, Ubisoft and last Sony
Posted on 08 June 17 at 12:40
Microsoft for sure because of the new CONSOLE and Sea of Thieves :)
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Daryl Maple
Daryl Maple
Posted on 08 June 17 at 12:44, Edited on 08 June 17 at 12:51 by Daryl Maple
Nintendo Direct, conference thingy... or what ever they are calling it then Microsoft. I'm loving my switch at the moment but Nintendo need to announce some stuff to keep the momentum up.

It may also be a strange one but I want... need Nintendo to announce GameCube games for the eventual virtual console release. TAKE MY MONEY!
xPut Name Herex
Posted on 08 June 17 at 12:54
Microsoft for sure I'm excited to see what the Scorpio can offer VR wise. I am also excited for a new Wolfenstein game really enjoyed the old blood.
Microsoft have already stated that VR with Scorpio will not be featured at the show because the company is busy working on Mixed Reality headsets for Windows for the remainder of the year, eventually moving to VR with Scorpio sometime in 2018.
Posted on 08 June 17 at 12:55
M$ > Ubi > EA for me.. :)
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Posted on 08 June 17 at 12:57
We want some good Xbox exclusives.
Posted on 08 June 17 at 13:14
I'll watch MS for sure, main reason will be hoping to see UK price for Scorpio.
MS must also shower us with quality games, new IP's, etc
although i'm interested in sea of thieves and crackdown 3 we need a lot more than that for me to go buy Scorpio...happy to wait and see how it fares and inevitable price drop.
price being major factor.

will watch ubisoft far cry, sony for exclusives(now son has ps4) and i always like to see what ninty has to offer, wasn't impressed with WiiU and hope our soon to be purchased switch is worth it. but love my Mario and Zelda etc.

over to you MS boom or bust....give us xbox supporting gamers something to shout about

keep on rockinrock
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cheeky 315
Posted on 08 June 17 at 14:01, Edited on 08 June 17 at 14:07 by cheeky 315
Sony I'm afraid. It's all about the last of us part 2 I genuinely feel sorry for the people that haven't got to play the first one it's simply magnificent.

As for Microsoft I'm only really interested in the Scorpio, unless they surprise me with a new ip there's nothing gaming wise that really excites me massively right now.

Bethesda hoping for the next elder scrolls game being announced

Ubisoft new splinter cell please

EA not in the slightest bit interested it will just be FIFA and madden
Whos Jent
Whos Jent
Posted on 08 June 17 at 14:53
Definitely Microsoft. I've been dying to see the Scorpio
Posted on 08 June 17 at 14:58
I'm honestly looking forward to all of them.

As I've been an avid Xbox owner for the better part of 15 years, the Microsoft is probably the one I'm looking forward to the most.

I enjoy a handful of Bethesda titles, so I'm excited to see what they have to offer. Ubisoft is a watch for me as I'm looking for more information on South Park and hopefully Assassin's Creed. Finally, although I don't own a PS4 (but want to), I want to see what multi-platform titles they show off, particularly Destiny 2 (BETA DATE???) and Call of Duty.

I really couldn't care less about EA.
Posted on 08 June 17 at 15:12
Microsoft of course, I'm surprised it isn't atleast 90% for them considering they're revealing a new console
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