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Poll: Which E3 Press Conference Are You Most Looking Forward to Watching?

Legohead 1977
Legohead 1977
Posted on 08 June 17 at 15:17, Edited on 08 June 17 at 15:19 by Legohead 1977
None really, not in any great rush to upgrade the X1 and I have no intention of switching to Sony.

With a backlog the size of mine I am happy to exist in the now! (Went for Microsoft though as I like the look of Sea of Thieves, am a big fan of Crackdown and I like them...other than the discontinuing of Xbox Fitness)
Legohead 1977
Posted on 08 June 17 at 15:41
I go for Microsoft This year.. with the announce of project Scorpio price , release date etc.
Posted on 08 June 17 at 16:12
We already know how Sony get down but we need to know more about what Microsoft has in store for us Xbox gamers.
Posted on 08 June 17 at 16:15
Microsoft and Bethesda. Can't wait for some more information about Wolfenstein: New Collosus!
Posted on 08 June 17 at 18:56
Ok so let's see. Not looking that much forward to EA, except NFS, EA Originals and Battlefront 2, I don't care much unless they got some good surprises. Microsoft is all about the surprise this year I guess, how can they amaze me with State of Decay 2 and Crackdown, finally give us a Sea of Thieves release date, as well as having a few good shockers. Bethesda will probably only show off DLC for game I don't have yet, but they might very well have the new Wolfenstein, which I loved the two previous ones by MachineGames. Ubisoft got me hyped for once, The Crew 2 has a lot of potential, Splinter Cell might be there (which is one of my favorite franchises), new AC looks interesting and I'm always looking forward to some more South Park goodness. Sony is not my cup of tea, but I'm looking forward to see more from Days Gone, Spiderman and The Last of Us Part II even though I do not own a PS4. Nintendo... well, I don't really know what they have, but the new Mario Bros looked cool back when they revealed it. Also, I didn't have a Wii U (and don't plan to) and have yet to buy a Switch, I'm hoping they will port a few Wii U games that had my interest a few years ago like the latest Donkey Kong, Super Smash Bros, Hyrule Warriors, etc...

In order it would go like this Ubisoft > Microsoft > Bethesda > Nintendo > Sony > EA.
Posted on 08 June 17 at 19:04
I'm being weird and saying EA.

I won't get a Scorpio at launch (can't afford it at likely prices and I certainly can't afford a 4K TV anyway) so Microsoft's conference will likely be pointless for me. Equally Sony's would only depress me because I also can't afford a PS4 of any sort right now.

I used to love Bethesda and Ubi games but their franchises feel tired. Based on rumours and teasers it seems likely that their least interesting franchises (for me) are the ones getting sequels and thus the spotlight.

So I've gone with EA, because they have surprised me more than the others in the last couple of years and I hope that continues.

I'm also still holding out a desperate hope that the Pokemon for Switch denials are a misdirect and we'll hear about a proper Pokemon game on console in Nintendo's stream.

Generally I'll be looking at the interesting titles under the radar that will get press and trailers during the actual expo, rather than the big conferences.
Posted on 08 June 17 at 19:23
Definitely Microsoft's conference. Though I'll probably be watching Sony's as well for the Destiny 2 info since that's most likely where it will be showcased. Can't say there's much else I'm interested enough in to not just wait and read about it when the stories come up on site.
Marcos Aspira
Marcos Aspira
Posted on 08 June 17 at 19:43
MS clap
Posted on 08 June 17 at 19:47
All except EA.
Posted on 08 June 17 at 20:13
It needs a 'All Of Them" option! Cause thats what I'm looking forward too.
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Posted on 08 June 17 at 21:22
Well, given MS does theirs when I'm at work - looks like I watch the EA event.

Removed Gamer
Gamer has been removed
Posted on 08 June 17 at 22:41
None of the above.

From what I've seen none of the companies mentioned are currently developing quality products worthy of my money. cry
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Posted on 08 June 17 at 22:46, Edited on 08 June 17 at 22:46 by Eternal8laze591
Microsoft is the obvious choice. They have the most to gain this year at E3 so I would hope that they will seriously bring their best performance.

After that,

Bethesda - Two brand new IPs to reveal. One is potentially the third rumored pillar to Fallout and Elder Scrolls

Sony - Likely not many surprises as they will be showing many of the games they showed last year. But hopefully more gameplay and more release dates

Ubisoft - Their shows are always full of cringe. And everyone already knows what they have. So it's tough to get excited about them. But regardless, more footage of South Park, AC, and Farcry should be interesting enough

EA - I just don't foresee them bringing anything interesting to the table. Probably Battlefront 2 gameplay. And then too many sports titles.
Posted on 08 June 17 at 23:17, Edited on 08 June 17 at 23:18 by Heraizen
Posting on TA is obviously going to favor Microsoft but for me it would have to be:

- Sony
- Bethesda
- Ubisoft
- Microsoft
- EA
Posted on 09 June 17 at 00:34
weird results considering this is a xbox/windows site roll
Posted on 09 June 17 at 03:24
Sony & CDPR are the ones I want to see. Wanna see the stuff for Last of Us 2, the next Uncharted, and then Cyberpunk 2077.
Posted on 09 June 17 at 03:51
Sony with Microsoft being a close second. I feel like they've got to announce SOMETHING to help hype up the Scorpio. Sony has been pretty good the past year or two so I feel like they're a safe bet. High hopes for Nintendo Tree House as well!
Posted on 09 June 17 at 03:54
Definitely Microsoft's conference. I've been patiently waiting for release dates for Below and Cuphead. This might finally be the year. I can also hope for Capcom to announce a release date for the Dragon's Dogma remaster.
Posted on 09 June 17 at 05:18
Bethesda conference by a long mile.
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Posted on 09 June 17 at 06:06
Wow, more love for Sony than EA.
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