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Xbox One X is $499 and Will Retroactively Enhance Games

  • KnoellKnoell348,505
    Posted on 13 June 17 at 04:28, Edited on 13 June 17 at 04:30 by KnoellPermalink
    Throni360 said:
    Knoell said:
    For some reason in your mind, a consumer can grab a PS4, and a $500 PC (HA!) and be all set, but then getting an Xbox One would be crossing the line! Console overload! roll
    The reason is called "Play anywhere". Alle future Xbox games are also released on PC. That's two platforms which makes it not exclusive anymore. It doesn't matter whether someone likes PC or Xbox better. It's stupid to list a bunch of PC games as a reason to buy a Xbox.

    WHAT benefit does Xbox + PC bring? Play anywhere is a joke and has no real life relevance.
    So now Xbox has to beat Sony and PC with exclusives, but Sony just partners with a PC to get it all. Love it.

    Millions of people buy an Xbox One for the simplicity, ease of use, plug and play, and distinct use of a console. Play anywhere is a fantastic feature that gives you a free copy of the game to play on PC. I can't believe you are complaining about that. That is good fan service. Let them sort out if it is bad for business, but I can tell you it absolutely isn't. I actually bought a game digitally from them just so I would have a copy for my console and PC rather than a hard copy.

    Exclusives aren't consumer friendly and it is actually a good thing for the Consumer in the long run that Microsoft has less, but yes less business for them and Xbox users miss out on some of them. That doesn't change the fact that it would be best if there were no exclusives at all. Could you imagine both consoles having to fight with each other based on the great features they offer rather than which game they blocked their opponent from getting?
  • Posted on 13 June 17 at 06:51Permalink
    Throni360 said:
    Knoell said:
    Xbox One has no games bc it doesn't have a few Sony exclusives.
    Yes. With a PC and PS4 you miss out on ZERO games (except for some blunders like Sunset Overdrive that sold like shit) because MS releases all Xbox games on PC too. Why should I pay $500 for a console that is able to do 4k but has no games? The One didn't sell like shit because it's a bad console but because there is no reason to get one. The 4k player was the only selling point of the S. It's a fact. It's better to get a $500 PC and enjoy all Xbox AND Steam games instead of a small library that is also available on PC and PS4.

    No exclusives = no games. It's simple. Exclusives are console sellers. Why should I choose a One over a PS4? The only redeeming qualities are the superior controller and the fact that we all wanted to keep our Gamerscore. And that's a fact. How many are truly happy with their one and the non existing library? Even most indie shit is PS4 and PC only. Crackdown, Halo, Forza, Gears... all Xbox franchises are now on PC. Why buy a $500 console to play PC games? Makes no sense.
    The amount of salt in your posts is too damn high.
    Can't afford shelling out EUR 500 for the X? Fine, don't buy it, and don't whine about how bad that price point is. I can proudly say that I am truly happy with my One and my games library. I do have a life besides gaming and thus won't even come close to even finishing my backlog.

    I love how you say "it's a fact" when it's nowhere near an actual fact but rather your own opinion. I got my S simply for traveling/to use in hotels, so the selling point for me what the weight and the integrated power supply. I couldn't care less about 4K.

    Have fun playing e.g. RDR2 on your PC - oh wait, that one won't even release on PC.
  • Throni360Throni3601,297,743
    Posted on 13 June 17 at 17:49Permalink
    Knoell said:
    Could you imagine both consoles having to fight with each other based on the great features they offer rather than which game they blocked their opponent from getting?
    Exclusives are great because they are optimized for ONE platform. That's why exclusives usually run and look better than multiplats. "Bought" exclusives like the Destiny DLC and stuff like that is anti consumer and bad. But something like Super Mario or Halo is not bad. It's a reason to choose a specific platform.

    derechtegraf1 said:
    Can't afford shelling out EUR 500 for the X? Fine, don't buy it, and don't whine about how bad that price point is.
    Dude, I wipe my ass with 500€. I just don't see any reason to buy a X. I got my regular One and it plays the same games. It's a $300 price difference between the S and the X, but nothing that justifies it. The games may look better but not $300 better. That's all I'm saying about the price.
  • NapalmNikoNapalmNiko561,924
    Posted on 14 June 17 at 08:17Permalink
    Instant buy / PS4 Pro R.I.P #no4kplayer
    Greetings Niko
  • AllgorhythmAllgorhythm309,334
    Posted on 14 June 17 at 14:14Permalink
    I am platform agnostic so I appreciated both the PS4 and X1 at launch. There was some grumbling that the PS4 was more powerful. That may have been true looking at the specs but, in actual gameplay, there did not seem to be a noticeable difference and I compared several games--PS4 & X1--on side by side monitors.

    Now, we will soon have a console that will cost the same as the X1 at launch which makes it a little less expensive--499 2017 USD vs 499 2013 USD. It will be an XBox console that leaves both the PS4 and the PS4 pro in the dust--not just in specs but very apparently in gameplay. So, where are all the 2013 grumblers that wanted more power under the hood? They should be lined up salivating ready to pre-order this beast of a console as soon as it becomes available for pre-order.
  • AussiemarioONEAussiemarioONE1,372,395
    Posted on 15 June 17 at 08:37Permalink
    With people saying rip in Aus @ $649 are you out of your mind it is a straight conversion in fact it has got even cheaper over night lol.
    What makes you think we should get it cheaper than anywhere else in the world ( face palm)
  • B8TINGUB8TINGU545,870
    Posted on 16 June 17 at 14:45Permalink
    Just think about this, it's a new age and with billion dollar companies like Apple pumping out new phones, (mostly) twice a year for way more than $500. The XOne X price point doesn't look bad at all.
  • Posted on 16 June 17 at 21:40, Edited on 16 June 17 at 21:42 by MrProcastinatePermalink
    I think you should be pretty happy about the pricing when I see what you guys will be paying. I used as you did and in Sweden we will pay 688,50 USD...
    (with the rate 1 USD = 8.71429 SEK at 23:40 16/7)
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