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Microsoft Showcases E3 2017 ID@Xbox Titles

  • punkyliarpunkyliar216,766
  • YinYin1,012,183
    Posted on 12 June 17 at 01:02
    ID@Xbox represent! laugh
    The lesser half of the Yin Yang gaming couple. ;)
  • Posted on 12 June 17 at 01:12
    So many of the indie games are going to be great. I'm really excited for some of these games.
  • Posted on 12 June 17 at 01:13
  • Posted on 12 June 17 at 01:22
    I tuned into the press conference at point where I thought the games weren't that great and was pretty bummed. Glad I watched the whole thing because I thought they got better.
  • Posted on 12 June 17 at 01:23
    Certainly a bunch of interesting titles, but the three that pique my interest are The Last Night, Ashen, and Shift. Great to see ID@Xbox flourishing!
  • Posted on 12 June 17 at 01:50
    A good number of these have decent graphics clap
  • VrilVril176,424
    Posted on 12 June 17 at 04:39
    Two things that kinda bother me:
    1. No "Ghost of a Tale" here.
    2. Fortnite is ID@Xbox?
  • AlahertAlahert1,327,552
    Posted on 12 June 17 at 10:20
    So many games!
  • MugenKairoMugenKairo262,156
    Posted on 12 June 17 at 11:18
    Ashen for sure! Riverbond reminds me of a Minecraft & Zelda lovechild. So that's 2 for me!
    'Life begins beyond the edge of your comfort zone'
  • billbillbillbillbillbill900,339
    Posted on 12 June 17 at 15:42, Edited on 12 June 17 at 15:53 by billbillbill
    Vril said:
    Two things that kinda bother me:
    1. No "Ghost of a Tale" here.
    Ghost of a Tale was only confirmed to be coming to Xbox 'Game Preview' about a week ago, sadly missing the deadline for indie titles to submit their work for the conference. Hopefully it'll launch within the next month or so and be featured by ID@Xbox later in the year.

    UPDATE: Just been announced that 'Ghost of a Tail' will be available on Xbox Game Preview on the 30th of June. So that's pretty good news. : )
  • Wanderer128Wanderer128202,855 202,855 GamerScore
    Posted on 13 June 17 at 22:44
    Still can't find a game page for Shift to add it to my wishlist.

    Also need one for the Magic the Gathering RPG
    Wanderer128 - See this Thread!!!:
  • Posted on 11 July 20 at 01:32
    Well it's been 3 years and Dunk Lords is out soon so cheers to that
    Serpentinite V =/
  • Aeragon IXAeragon IX400,574
    Posted on 15 July 20 at 14:21
    Yeah for a new game to come out with GWG, this deal must have be done a long time ago.
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