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Xbox One Sale Roundup: June 13th, 2017

Posted on 13 June 17 at 04:05
Forza and Hotwheels expansion here I come!
Mike Pitch
Mike Pitch
Posted on 13 June 17 at 04:38, Edited on 13 June 17 at 04:45 by Mike Pitch
Yes, Horse Racing 2016! I knew if I waited long enough it would go on sale!

Also, Foxtales DLC for Never Alone. Picked the game up last time it was on sale smile
cheeky 315
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cheeky 315
Posted on 13 June 17 at 04:56
Finally........ been waiting forever for a GTA sale
Posted on 13 June 17 at 05:20
capicawl said:
Horse racing 2016 sales jump 4000% this week only, including myself. laugh
Lmao I'm also partly to blame haha
Swinny Costello
Posted on 13 June 17 at 05:37
Stardew Valley is amazing.
Posted on 13 June 17 at 05:37
Nothing on here for me but if you are thinking of Battlefront, $10 is easily worth all that content
Posted on 13 June 17 at 05:51
They are really pushing Horse Racing 2016. It was on sale some weeks ago.
I wonder if Horse Racing 2017 is coming...

Unravel can be played for free until 18/jun I believe, so would not sell much this time.
Posted on 13 June 17 at 05:55
Star dew for me!
Love what you do, do what you love. When in doubt, frag them out!
Posted on 13 June 17 at 05:59
Soooo. If I want to complete Forza Horizon 3, then I only have to buy the standard edition and the expansion pass right? Also where can I find it. season pass or expansion pass don't give any hits in the store, and the link is dead?
Rowin Ocampo
Rowin Ocampo
Posted on 13 June 17 at 06:53
These cannot be the yearly E3 sales....
a box of fish
a box of fish
Posted on 13 June 17 at 06:59
Horse Racing 2016 for less than a fiver? Sold!
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Posted on 13 June 17 at 07:10

bought the forza horizon 3 add on pass the other day. ah well, totally worth the full price
Requiescat In Pace
Posted on 13 June 17 at 07:18, Edited on 13 June 17 at 07:18 by DutchDemons
Wow...picked up Star Wars Battlefront Ultimate Edition..couldn't believe that price! 10 euros??

Was thinking about it when it was 20 euros a few months back, but getting all the content and base game for a tenner is insane.
Posted on 13 June 17 at 07:50
Was just about to buy Stardew Valley, so this is a nice surprise
Posted on 13 June 17 at 07:52
That's crazy that GTA V is £32.99 with 40% off, but I shouldn't be surprised what with Microsoft's Digital Prices.

Even a few months after going Number One in the Charts for a while again, it's still holding it's value in a lot of shops! I was in Game with a mate on Saturday, and saw it was £29.99, but I guess GTA Onilne is still massively popular.

As for the Sales, That Battlefront Ultimate Edition is tempting, but i'm gamesharing with a mate, so i'll just redownload the game off EA Access and download his Season Pass.
The Minish Wolf
Posted on 13 June 17 at 08:16
Crims0nScorpion said:
Rhyolitic said:
Lulz...a $0.10 difference between Battlefront's Season Pass and the Ultimate edition that includes the base game. laugh
some people already own the base game and just need the DLC
The season pass costs more in England.......
Posted on 13 June 17 at 09:01
HEY!!!!! Backlog ..... yeah you, is there space for just ooooooooooone more game?
Joshi 82 AT
Joshi 82 AT
Posted on 13 June 17 at 09:07
I wish there was a filter to list everything, except price tracked items. I would have all the GTA, CoD and everything else which is constantly on sale price tracked with $0.01 so I don't have to see it all the time.
Posted on 13 June 17 at 09:12
Bridge Constructor and, one I feel I may regret, Rory McIlroy.

I really want Stardew Valley, but I wouldn't play it for a long time.
Posted on 13 June 17 at 10:22
This is the first time I've seen Stardew Valley on sale, and I've been eyeing it for a while so why not pick it up smile
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