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Boost this game!

Posted on 13 June 17 at 17:46
Looking to buy this game here shortly. Looking for 4-7 players to play this game for the harder achievement that requirement a lot of people. Will play regularly. Message me on Xbox if you are interested. GT: EricGarcia4. The 7 players is not really necessary but needed for a couple of achievement. If you just want to join for those that is fine. But in reality we need 4-5 total players.

We will go for the 7 counselor kills and tommy and kill Jason first since those require a lot of effort on regular game play.

We will also for Removing his mask.

Tiffany lonely survival one as well.

Removed Gamer
Gamer has been removed
Posted on 13 June 17 at 23:26
I need the boost to complete 1000 matches as jason and 1000 as counselor and 1,313 kills.You have interest in these achievements? I also want to kill 7 plus Tommy.
Brad Chaa
Brad Chaa
Posted on 15 June 17 at 14:00, Edited on 15 June 17 at 14:07 by Brad Chaa
Add me up. I'm always down to boost achievements. Will boost one on one also for Jason mask achievements and others.
At Birner95
At Birner95
Posted on 16 June 17 at 03:39
If anyone wants to do this let me know!
Posted on 22 June 17 at 09:37
I'd be interested in boosting. Just add me up!
Posted on 24 June 17 at 12:11
Add me in. Just send a message if you want to boost.
Glorious Tom
Glorious Tom
Posted on 24 June 17 at 13:43
just got the game looking to boost all achievements possible
Posted on 25 June 17 at 16:20
i wanna get a few stupid achievements out of the way... also a few environment kills...anybody hit me up anytime I'm on all day

Removed Gamer
Gamer has been removed
Posted on 15 August 17 at 06:10
I'm looking for any one that wants to do some mp achieves in private I'm on at 8pm est every nite add me
Posted on 23 August 17 at 20:10
I've not even managed to play it yet, so I need every achievement 😂
Posted on 31 August 17 at 11:32
Trying to knock out a few of the achievements that the update is making harder to obtain (ie the boat parts, almost no maps have the boat now!) send me a message on XBL, I should be on pretty often for the next 48 hours.
Posted on 11 September 17 at 23:42
Any one able to help with one for good measure. Unfortunately it did not unlock like alot of others. I can double box
Posted on 24 September 17 at 13:15
Trying to get the PHD in Murder achievement. Only have 2 kills left and I think I know what they are. I can help anyone get this one as well. Send me a message on Xbox if you're up for it.
Posted on 27 September 17 at 21:49
Boost 20-25 games as Jason per day. It can be boring but hey, thats how it goes.

Let me know. GT: EricGarcia4
Posted on 03 October 17 at 13:55
Hey guys looking to boost everything here with someone , add me DirtyHarry1308 .... lets help our fellow games
Zombie Ninja X0
Posted on 23 October 17 at 18:18
Need to boost as well add me so we can.
Posted on 31 October 17 at 14:28, Edited on 01 November 17 at 17:46 by ninjaraiden2003
I'm interested in boosting the I'm On A Boat - Escape in the boat as a passenger 13 times. since it needs at least 3 people. One person to be Jason and the other two counselors to search for the boat parts, repair the boat and escape as a driver and passenger.

It's easy to boost, half the battle is getting the boat spawn actually on a map then escaping as a passenger. Just need to private match on Crystal Lake, see if the boat spawns, if it doesn't then quit out, re-invite to a private lobby and try again until it does.

Everyone takes a turn in order to escape as a passenger so it's fair and loop back to the first person again after the 3rd person goes.

EDIT: Boat passenger escapes are currently at 92% (12/13) so I'll probably be done before 2 see this and want to do it, can probably disregard this post now, likely to get it through legit play.
Posted on 03 November 17 at 14:07
Looking to boost the achievement of knocking Jasons mask off. I am willing to help boost whatever achievements others need.

Gamertag: zigatz
Posted on 03 November 17 at 14:23
Zigatz iv'e just got the game and would be up for that among other tough achievements! Il add you and drop you a msg when im online.
Posted on 25 November 17 at 18:52
I’m still looking to boost ...

Escape 13 times as passenger on a boat
100 repairs on a boat

Willing to boost the 1000 camp counselors and all of the Jason matches as well!

Gamer tag - ccaarrssoonn3
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