Game Discussion: Friday the 13th: The Game

Boost this game!

  • Posted on 14 January 18 at 05:09Permalink
    I would very much like to boost. Please message me GT: RoyalOTenenbaum
  • Posted on 19 January 18 at 16:11Permalink
    I am looking for someone to boost the 1000 kills with. If anyone is interested message me either here or on Xbox Live.
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  • MAP1000MAP1000146,166
    Posted on 08 February 18 at 20:38Permalink
    Looking to boost Jason kill.
  • EricGarcia4EricGarcia4538,811
    Posted on 12 February 18 at 01:50Permalink
    If you want Jason Games on your end message me tonight! Looking to finish off x2 XP with a bang. You can have all the matches since I have the achievement for the 1,000 Matches!
  • Posted on 08 March 18 at 17:40Permalink
    Trying to finish the kills and Jason games. msg me.
  • Posted on 01 April 18 at 01:30Permalink
    i need 7 more with the boat
  • Posted on 06 April 18 at 15:56Permalink
    MAP1000 said:
    Looking to boost Jason kill.
    This is the main one I'm after too, feel free to add me.
  • The 7th ODSTThe 7th ODST523,541
    Posted on 21 April 18 at 15:37Permalink
    If anyone wants to take turns swapping Jason Matches hmu, we can slowly work towards the 1000!
  • GBCheeseheadGBCheesehead887,090
    Posted on 23 April 18 at 02:28Permalink
    Count me in.
  • NooseracNooserac73,125
    Posted on 09 June 18 at 21:32Permalink
    ill always be down to boost friday the 13th msg me on xbox for a quicker response
  • Posted on 12 June 18 at 14:50Permalink
    I'm happy to boost matches and/or kills (especially environmental ones). Feel free to message on here or xbox live.
  • Posted on 21 June 18 at 14:37Permalink
    I'm down to my last 2 achievements for this game which is the ones where you kill all 7 Counselors, plus Tommy in one match. Feel free to add me to the list. I also have a 2nd console, and willing to help out with any other achievements. Thanks.
  • Posted on 24 June 18 at 10:33Permalink
    I need some environment kills
  • Posted on 01 July 18 at 09:41, Edited on 02 July 18 at 23:03 by Wolf of FenricPermalink
    I'm looking to boost matches (mostly as Jason), happy to help with any other achievement (repairs, escapes, etc) in return. Message me as I'm free most evenings and really want to get one of the most annoying achievements out of the way. I am also on GMT as well.
  • Posted on 04 July 18 at 19:29Permalink
    Hey guys, just bought the game too, need help with all the achieves haha add me guys I'm all up to play/boost whatever :D
  • Posted on 04 September 18 at 08:44Permalink
    willing to boost for this. i basically just need jason plays
  • The 7th ODSTThe 7th ODST523,541
    Posted on 15 November 18 at 07:51Permalink
    If anyone wants to Swap Jason matches hmu
  • Posted on 10 December 18 at 20:31Permalink
    I'm looking to boost all of these achievements. Send me a message on Xbox so I can add you back.
  • Posted on 06 January 19 at 22:57Permalink
    If any wants to boost matches, let me know.
  • Posted on 02 February 19 at 15:41Permalink
    I have yet to start this game but would be interested in boosting this game if anybody else is willing to help.
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