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Boost this game!

Load Droppers
Posted on 01 March 19 at 14:48
Still looking to boost my last 2 achievements. You're All Doomed, and One for Good Measure. I do have a 2nd console with dummy account I can use as well. Gladly willing to help anyone with the other achievements as well.
Posted on 10 March 19 at 21:14
You should have joined the session, we boosted this the same night of your post 3/1
Sandwich Lady
Sandwich Lady
Posted on 11 March 19 at 22:40
I'm up for boosting this game if anyone else is interested
Wolf of Fenric
Posted on 21 July 19 at 23:29
I'm looking to boost matches for both counselors and Jason. I'm GMT and free most evenings. Not interested in grinding xp, just meeting up and let Jason kill the other. Message me if you're willing to help.
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