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Meet E3 2017's Newest ID@Xbox Titles

  • punkyliarpunkyliar199,851
  • Posted on 16 June 17 at 03:42Permalink
    Shift looks like the type of game always welcome in my library, just have to see the price point to see if it'll be a day one purchase. Dark and Light looks neat, too, but I have to see more of its systems before I can decide on purchasing it or not.
  • Wanderer128Wanderer128196,205 196,205 GamerScore
    Posted on 16 June 17 at 06:15Permalink
    Thought Shift looked promising from the 3 seconds it was on the montage and I have been waiting for a page to be added for it so I could add it to my wishlist; now it is.

    Now that I've seen the trailer, I'm still excited for it, maybe even moreso, but I'm also now hesitant and weary that it will be a pain in the ass 4.0 TA Ratio beast that requires technical mastery.
    We shall see.

    I also loved Dark and Light from the montage, but finding out it is a MMORPG means that I will probably completely pass on it.
    There are better games that aren't massive time sinks out there begging to be played. MMOs are usually sadly a waste of time.

    Unruly Heroes completely slipped under my radar, but after seeing the trailer, it looks like it could be the best of the list.
    It looked like it included co-op, which is always welcome, and possibly RPG elements in a 2D setting.
    That leaves the only question of what its difficulty rating is.
    I don't need a Double Dragon or Dishwasher or Turtles in Time game that's a pain in the ass to 100%. At this point enjoyable games that are enjoyable to complete are all I can hope for.

    Dunk Lords and Minion Masters... Yeah, I probably wouldn't even play those on my phone while taking a shit. Too much investment for shallow gameplay.
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  • AlahertAlahert800,010
    Posted on 16 June 17 at 10:46Permalink
    Shift looks really good, also Dark and Light is a cool addition!
  • Posted on 16 June 17 at 11:51Permalink
    Minion Masters looks like a take on Magic The Gathering Battlegrounds.
  • Legohead 1977Legohead 19771,164,771
    Posted on 16 June 17 at 11:55Permalink
    Dark & Light is the one for me to keep an eye on, just hope it doesn't lose it's way like Ark did for me.
    Legohead 1977
  • MugenKairoMugenKairo254,195
    Posted on 16 June 17 at 21:35Permalink
    Unruly heroes looks great! Project SHIFT I'm wary about because I foresee some crazy combo-related achievements.
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