Any tips/methods for scoring high on Arcade?

  • SangriazSangriaz6,050,723
    Posted on 16 June 17 at 02:28
    Best I could do is around 30k... Tried to combo as much as possible but it's tough.
  • Dave BodomDave Bodom2,736,632
    Posted on 16 June 17 at 20:31, Edited on 16 June 17 at 20:32 by Dave Bodom
    On hard mode i found you get to 39kish points pretty easy but its holding out the next 5 levels thats quite hard.

    On normal i managed to get level 15 which pushed you to about 38k points then i just kept pushing for combos, if you can hit a powerup that destroys all of one colour etc then i'd save, eveyrtime you get a decent destruction, save it. When you hit level 20 or level 30 depending on difficulty it should boost you to over the 60k, when i finally managed it i found the game chilled right out and continuing was easy, its just getting to that initial level.

    I've found getting the 5k points to be hardest for high/caravan, i managed it once for caravan but high scores tormenting me.
  • SangriazSangriaz6,050,723
    Posted on 17 June 17 at 23:31
    Thanks for the tips. I managed to do it by getting a crazy string of combos. Actually ended up with 88k. For high score and caravan, you just need to quickly create a 4 to 5x combo and send it all to the opponent. I got both modes done with just 2-3 tries using this method.
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