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Does it matter if you exp boost with four people or six people?

Neptune Diamond
Posted on 17 June 17 at 18:20
I saw a bunch of sessions, and they all differ from having 4 players needed to 6 players needed. I thought you had to have 6 players to start a ranked game. Does it make any difference in boosting? I also dont have the DLC if that has something to do with it.
Posted on 17 June 17 at 18:32
One game mode (m the base game) only requires 4 to start, all the rest require 6. So yeah, you can boost with 4, but only one mode.
Neptune Diamond
Posted on 19 June 17 at 22:47
Thank you!
Living Legends
Posted on 19 June 17 at 23:33
But four is good and bad.

Good: any map works to boost turrets And not need to use vending machine with winter blast to boost when a map has two turrets

Bad: ransoms might join and ruin boosting sessions like battlefield bad company. Best to have six and lock down lobbies.

Adam grab is free for all and requires four. All other modes require six to play. If you are playing the import versions, there are no randoms
Posted on 07 July 17 at 17:08
at this point, sessions with 4 go smoother. because

1) there aren't many randoms anymore (occasionally a player will join who just wants to f--- with boosters.
2) you don't have to skip maps looking for the ones with 3 turrets. it's annoying and
3) the more people you have in a session, the more complex it is. IMO, 4 player sessions go great, but 6 player sessions, usually 1 player doesn't show up or is late by 20 minutes and it slows down the whole session for everyone.
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