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Issues with Achievements Stats for June 11 and 12

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  • SnipedByAGir1SnipedByAGir11,615,252
    Posted on 21 June 17 at 04:27Permalink
    I am having an issue where I can't see what achievements I popped from my stats page on June 11 and 12. All the other days seem to be working fine. But when I click on those days I get this:

    Sorry, there are no matching achievements for these criteria

    Although I popped achievements those days.
  • Posted on 21 June 17 at 04:37Permalink
    Under your achievements tab I see you played UWP and a walking dead variant. Could you elaborate where exactly does this issue come from like under the stats section and viewing your monthly summary or period summaries or just the achievement section tab?
  • SnipedByAGir1SnipedByAGir11,615,252
    Posted on 21 June 17 at 15:34Permalink
    Actually I noticed on other days around that time frame some achievements are showing up for certain days but some achievements from those days are missing as well. It's when I go to My Stats --> Date Range and then pick June 2017. Then when I click on the bars to view my achievements for those days is where the issue is. I haven't had an issue until the June 11. June 11 and 12th show nothing and then the 13th on have achievements there, but they're not all there.
  • SnipedByAGir1SnipedByAGir11,615,252
    Posted on 26 June 17 at 17:22Permalink
    I'm still finding this issue is ongoing and it's not just for my stats for June 11 and 12th. Recent days are also showing not available and most of my other days are all missing achievements that I have unlocked even though they do show some of them.
  • YinYin996,543
    Posted on 26 June 17 at 21:16, Edited on 26 June 17 at 21:17 by YinPermalink
    I can confirm that you're not the only one with this issue. I think what's happening is that the won date is using UTC time to filter your unlocks rather than the time zone you have specified in your profile.

    For example, I'm on EST (-4 UTC, currently) and completed Forza Horizon 3 last night around 9pm (1am UTC). Looking at my awarded achievements from yesterday, those Forza Horizon 3 achievements do not appear in my unlocks at all (even on the following day).

    My guess is that there is a check on each achievements official unlock date (left-bound), but there's another condition that is still checking for within the UTC time area (right-bound). Are the achievements that are missing from your daily lists the items that you unlocked last for that day? That would certainly help us diagnose the issue.
    The lesser half of the Yin Yang gaming couple. ;)
  • SnipedByAGir1SnipedByAGir11,615,252
    Posted on 27 June 17 at 04:48Permalink
    Well the day has now changed for me as I am on EST and it's 12:40AM here. If I check what I did yesterday I am missing a ton. The last achievement is registers for me shows I unlocked it at 16:47 my time. For June 26th I also played
    Shred it and unlocked achievements in that from 20:57-21:25
    Unlocked 1 achievement in We are Doomed at 21:55
    Unlocked 8 achievements in Saturday Morning RPG from 23:15 to 23:54
    None of these show up on my stats for yesterday June 26th.

    However, I unlocked 2 more achievements in Saturday Morning RPG after mid night at 00:07 and 00:21 and these show up on my stats for June 27.

    So I think what your saying Yin sounds like the issue. Achievements won after a certain time of the day are not showing up in my stats for the day.
  • YinYin996,543
    Posted on 27 June 17 at 22:59, Edited on 29 June 17 at 20:34 by YinPermalink
    Thanks, this definitely helps diagnose the problem. I've used my daily stats page quite a bit, so I'm glad you reported this one! laugh

    This item has been reported previously, with feedback from the development team.
    Stats -> best days issue

    This has been fixed and is pending an update to the site.
    The lesser half of the Yin Yang gaming couple. ;)
  • SnipedByAGir1SnipedByAGir11,615,252
    Posted on 30 June 17 at 00:47Permalink
    Oh that's awesome! I really love this feature. It will be nice to have it working again :)
  • YinYin996,543
    Posted on 02 July 17 at 20:26Permalink
    The update for this has been pushed to the site; the days that I previously used to reproduce the issue have resolved themselves. Could you verify that the issue is resolved on your end as well?

    I will note that daylight savings will still cause some problems with this feature; that item has been written up as a new issue, but the large multi-hour discrepancy should be resolved.
    The lesser half of the Yin Yang gaming couple. ;)
  • SnipedByAGir1SnipedByAGir11,615,252
    Posted on 04 July 17 at 01:42Permalink
    It looks like it's been fixed. Thanks!!
  • Posted on 07 July 17 at 22:03Permalink
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