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Gaming session tab text

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  • LuckyKantLuckyKant561,268
    Posted on 25 June 17 at 20:43Permalink
    On a game's page, the gaming session tab on the right side has incorrect text when no sessions are available:

    There are currently no gaming sessions for the DiRT 2 Achievement that you can join - why not make a new session?
    It does not read well.

    Seeing this on all games.
  • YinYin996,543
    Posted on 26 June 17 at 20:59, Edited on 28 June 17 at 00:51 by YinPermalink
    Ah, that's a good catch. I assume that this cropped up after the site was updated to support HTTP2 compliance.

    It's definitely nothing site breaking, but its certain to cause some confusion.


    This also occurs on the walkthrough sidebar module on games that do not have a published walkthrough.
    The lesser half of the Yin Yang gaming couple. ;)
  • YinYin996,543
    Posted on 01 July 17 at 14:36Permalink
    This should be fixed now.
    The lesser half of the Yin Yang gaming couple. ;)
  • Posted on 04 July 17 at 21:33Permalink
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