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Want to boost Rapture Metro DLC Pack (July 2nd)?

Posted on 28 June 17 at 14:53

I've had this game for years, and never got around to finishing it. I am looking for boosting partners for the DLC Maps for Aqua Incognita, and Territorial, and level boosting while we are there.

I know we need 6 players, so i was hoping to set up a time and date that we can knock these achievements out together. Please reply or send a friend request and message to gamertag: euj0.

I am hoping to get a party together for Sunday night (07/02) at 7:00pm EST.

Mia Archibald
Mia Archibald
Posted on 30 June 17 at 13:51
Maybe this one tickles your fancy: Boosting Gaming Session for BioShock 2 (Xbox 360)
Eff this, I'm off on my unicorn.
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