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Xbox One Ultimate Game Sale [UPDATED]

  • King TrakxKing Trakx308,111
    Posted on 08 July 17 at 17:53
    Legendary J Man said:
    why? why are the rest of the aca games not on sale? so many games on sale and i dont want any of them. i was hoping all the aca fighting games would be discounted and i was going to cash out, but no. they are not
    I was hoping for that, too; I would have bought out the ACA fighting collection. :/
  • TrapMuzik99TrapMuzik99947,744
    Posted on 08 July 17 at 18:05
    The Marvel Telltale game is listed as $3.24 on sale. Can anyone else confirm that the season pass is on sale once you buy it for $3.24? Because I bought Michone and got the season pass for $2, wondering if this was the same.
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  • Posted on 10 July 17 at 05:11
    o DEEVIUS o said:
    Thinking of bean diving Battlefield 1, what do yu reckon the best bundle to go For?
    If you have EA access battlefield 1 and titanfall 2 will be free to play soon
  • Removed Gamer

    Removed Gamer

    Posted on 10 July 17 at 05:15
    Hoping the sale is on after I get paid. I'm counting on the time difference between Australia and the United States! Really want to get the Telltale Games cheap!
  • DeceptiveTenDeceptiveTen1,188,778
    Posted on 10 July 17 at 19:36
    xdanza said:
    Are we allowed to complain now?
  • Posted on 11 July 17 at 09:51
    Snuck in to buy Project Cars: GotY Edition, PES 2017 and Beach Buggy Racing.

    Not much interest in anything else. I'll wait for Black Friday to get whatever I was 50/50 on or just wait for it to appear in Xbox Game Pass.
  • Goggs25Goggs251,871,048
    Posted on 03 August 17 at 17:39
    Incase any brits missed it in sale Just picked up day 1 edition from GAME new for £8
  • Stevo6483Stevo6483302,696
    Posted on 04 August 17 at 10:36, Edited on 04 August 17 at 10:37 by Stevo6483
    Goggs25 said:
    Incase any brits missed it in sale Just picked up day 1 edition from GAME new for £8
    Which game? (video game, not which store lol)
    Stoke me a clipper, I'll be back for Christmas... Whatever!
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