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Game resetting progress/Impending Server Closure

  • KinectKid333KinectKid333798,002
    Posted on 30 June 17 at 15:33
    A little PSA for anyone still trying to finish this up:

    Occasionally I will start the game, play a few games of Uno, then exit. Then the next time I go to play, it is as if I never played the first session (my coins, tokens, and level progress is reset to what it was before the first time I played). However, there is a solution to this. You must complete some action with the server before exiting. This means accepting coins or a friend request, or playing a scratch card. You could play another game of Uno, but then you risk your progress for that game not counting.

    I've also noticed that some of the game's online features have started to disappear, such as the weekly challenge, uno dare, and uno rank. Additionally, Gameloft news has stopped coming out for this game. The community is also dwindling. I have noticed that there are only very high level players and very low level players left playing. These low level players will only play a couple games (which is why you see very very few medium -level players). Soon we will run out of people, and Gameloft will stop supporting this game, and finally the servers will go down and all achievements will be discontinued. In fact, many of the games I play already include at least one A.I. player to fill in the fourth spot.

    I'd also advise against playing in any tournaments, as I've noticed 90% of the time the game will disconnect you when you go into the final round. This means that entering tournaments will just waste your tokens and time.

    So all in all, for anyone who is still needing to complete this, finish it up quick! And for anyone who has not started this yet, if you care about completing it, do not start it as there is a high chance you will not be able to complete it in time. The ratios are a lie! Getting to level 100 will take at least 50 hours. The ratio is only so low because there was a glitch in an early version of the game when most people were still playing it. However, this is mow patched and you must get to level 100 legit. So one last time, if you care about completions, DO NOT START THIS GAME!!
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