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Do quitters void achievements?

  • PHT999PHT999609,973
    Posted on 05 July 17 at 20:50Permalink
    Do quitters void the addict achievement?

    I know that a host quitting does not count, but what about non-hosts? I know that if a non-host leaves a game, the law enforcer achievement is not possible in that match, does anyone know if this the same for the 20 wins in cops and robbers?
  • Posted on 06 July 17 at 06:18Permalink
    Looks like we both got Law Enforcer yesterday, and I think we were in the same match.

    I've been focussing on kills for Alpha Male in C&R games. I have had most kills multiple times but no achievement. Looking at posts on the net it seems it is kinda random when it may work regardless of quitting/lagging out. I am quite sure I have most kills in some games where no one left.

    Have not got to 20 C&R wins yet for Addict yet but I have read that it has not popped for some until a few more wins. I can't say I have been checking if the number has been tracking correctly but it looks about right.
  • HangmanK7HangmanK7283,291
    Posted on 10 July 17 at 03:58Permalink
    took me 21 wins for addict. i have had 10+ games with most kills, but no cheev.
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