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Dead Space 2 disc switch save/glitch on Xbox One for hardcore mode?

  • Kyl3RuthKyl3Ruth268,326
    Posted on 10 July 17 at 20:19Permalink
    I googled it and couldn't find an answer. I completed hardcore today so this isn't for me. I just used the 360 for the middle part of the game because I was unsure if the disc switch would give me a save on Xbox One considering that you don't have to switch discs anymore (although it does pop up with a loading screen for a split second when disc two starts). Does anyone know if the disc switch works for hardcore on Xbox One?
  • misfit119misfit119874,678
    Posted on 11 July 17 at 11:46Permalink
    I know for a fact that it didn't work on the PS3 due to no disc swap, I've seen people complain about that one on Giant Bomb before. But if the Xbox digital version is anything like the Steam digital version then you wouldn't get that free checkpoint. I have a friend who was on PC, saved in chapter 6, died shortly after the disc swap (was trying to get to 10 before saving again) and was booted back to chapter 6. So that's two points for no. I'm just gonna use the 360 for that part.
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  • LuffyXxXhugoLuffyXxXhugo930,742
    Posted on 14 September 17 at 15:46Permalink
    Nope it doesnt work anymore. I had to do without it
  • KitShicker43KitShicker43211,434
    Posted on 16 April 18 at 09:19Permalink
    Anyone with experience in this for the digital copy version?
  • misfit119misfit119874,678
    Posted on 16 April 18 at 19:35Permalink
    You cannot do it with a digital copy since that lacks the disc swap prompt.
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  • xDAKxxDAKx441,454
    Posted on 07 May 18 at 14:14, Edited on 07 May 18 at 14:15 by xDAKxPermalink
    I can confirm that this actually works.

    I saved in chapter 5 because I died carelessly in the crypt area twice and a few other times prior so I didn't want to have to farm the nodes for a 6th time so I saved. I made it to chapter 8 before I carelessly killed myself again but instead of reverting back to my chapter 5 save like I thought I would, I reverted to the beginning of chapter 7.

    When I first reached chapter 7 there was the loading prompt where the physical copy of the game would need to swap discs on the 360 but with the digital copy the loading prompt still happens even without a disc swap.

    All I had to do was make it to my next desired save location and save before I quit the game.

    I did it all on the Xbox One with the digital copy.
  • DrahkatDrahkat330,172
    Posted on 18 November 18 at 23:01Permalink
    I also confirmed it today (11/18/2018) it works. I had not saved up until the disc change for the Xbox 360 physical copies, it's on the very end of chapter 6 / start of chapter 7. I let myself die to test this, then I chose to revert to last save, instead from going back to start of a new game it comes back to this free checkpoint. You're welcome.
  • Posted on 14 April 19 at 22:41Permalink
    Does this still work? I am at beginning of 7, had a brief loading message on the elevator and I'd really like to go eat dinner and finish some housework!! Lol
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