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Rival Day Achievement

Posted on 31 August 17 at 04:28
I apologize for no update, but I've made really no progress this past week.
Posted on 03 September 17 at 16:15
Starting to worry with 2k18 drawing close. Anything else we can do??
Posted on 03 September 17 at 22:47
I did my best guys. I contacted Microsoft and 2K nearly every day and they started to just bounce me back and forth between the two companies. Both claimed that the other company was at fault and neglected to help all of us, as paying customers. It seems futile to continue to contact support as 2K18 is 2 weeks away, so all focus will no longer be on this game in the franchise.

Seems like I'll be one achievement short of the first completion and many others will be at a loss without the achievement as well.

Again, I apologize for not bringing false hope and not being able to get everyone the achievement they should have. The sad thing is.. I'll be buying '18 anyways as it's the best basketball game out there.
Posted on 04 September 17 at 08:52
Hey at least you tried. I'm still on the fence about 18. 16 was my first basketball game and I had so much fun with it, but 17 is such a disappointment. On the one hand, 2k18 will probably be better than Live, but on the other, I've been burned by the achievements not working, bad servers, and game modes dictated by VC. I wish they would give a shit about all their customer base and not just the park dudes yelling on twitter.
Posted on 04 September 17 at 14:42
They would care about their customer base if Live actually posed a threat to them lol.
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