Game Discussion: Dying Light

Easy achievements glitched

  • ditisemditisem334,279
    Posted on 13 July 17 at 20:12Permalink
    I've played the game for about 5 hours now and got some achievements, killing one of the larger zombies for example, now i noticed i didn't get the first achievement unlocked by 99% of the people also crafting items doesn't unlock the achievement related to it jumping of the bridge didn't work. Some chievo's do unlock but most of them don't is it possible that i achieved them 6 months ago offline and they're just glitched now? Really don't hope so would mess up my compeltion rate badly lmao
  • Posted on 18 November 17 at 19:17Permalink
    Got that problem too with some achivements does somebody know what to do than?
    Charles D Wayne
  • ditisemditisem334,279
    Posted on 05 April 18 at 20:19Permalink
    guess not, fkin sucks tho. Nearly completed the story and still didnt get kill an infected chievo, asswel as some story ones and some other easy ones
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