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  • Posted on 14 July 17 at 05:16Permalink
    The Fury I84I has just submitted some Achievement Flag Info for AirMech Arena Achievements:

    The Fury I84I said:
    AirMech ArenaBlood ThirstyThe Blood Thirsty achievement in AirMech Arena worth 520 pointsDestroy 3 human piloted AirMechs in the first 3 minutes of an online match.

    Can be done in 1v1 pvp so the 6 player flag can be remove. I just unlocked this achievement with 1 boosting partner.

  • Posted on 14 July 17 at 11:08Permalink
    We've removed the 6 Players Required flag. Thanks for the submission The Fury I84I .
  • MichalKVMichalKV268,478
    Posted on 29 January 18 at 08:59Permalink
    Thank you for your submission Catmajik101. The mechanic and XP awards works differently between version. It is possible to get this achievement under 20 hours in XBOX ONE version and for that reason we have decided that it is not going to get the Time Consuming flag.
  • Posted on 29 January 18 at 21:02Permalink
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