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Trouble finding game

Posted on 15 July 17 at 16:09
More often than not, I find myself making my own lobby rather than joining with other people. Is this just because not a lot of people playing Xbox version?
Posted on 15 July 17 at 17:38
I have looked for an answer and haven't found a specific one. Most say it is because the majority still use LFG to join/create lobbies. Also, Xbox is a patch behind PS4 and Steam. Xbox is still suffering from memory leak issues, as well as connection issues. That may effect it as well. As someone who has put 6 days of time into this game, LFG is the way to go in the time being.
Posted on 21 July 17 at 19:52, Edited on 21 July 17 at 19:53 by Joey3455
Most players are playing on private matches, you should join Friday the 13th game fan community club on Xbox. There you should see posting of people looking for groups. I do that and never have any problem finding a full lobby. The community is still pretty big with thousands of players each day.
Posted on 01 September 17 at 16:01
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